Features and secrets of hockey betting

Every person at least once in his life has heard about such a sport as hockey. It is not surprising that interest goes further and there is an insatiable desire for excitement and earnings on this gamble. It is at this stage that thoughts about sports betting on hockey are born.

Advantages and disadvantages of hockey bets

Let’s start with the cons. For those who bet hockey is not very convenient if you like to play all year round. In fact, there are only two regular season broadcasts that can be watched in full – the NHL and the KHL. Breaks between seasons are several months, and in the overseas national league there are periodic lockouts.

Most bookmakers have low limits. The maximum amount that can be bet is usually lower compared to football or basketball. In this case, bookmakers usually determine an increased margin. Finding an office that accepts hockey bets without unnecessary restrictions and cheating is not easy.

Among benefits:

Tight schedule over the course of the season. Matches follow in 2-3 days that allow players to control the current form of teams and their psychological condition, to react in time to injuries of players, etc. For serious bettors it is an unconditional plus.

Unpredictability of results. The hockey betting strategy also involves playing against favorites. Here sensations occur an order of magnitude more often than in other team sports. Especially when it comes to the NHL. The season is full of moments when the probability of an underdog’s victory is very high, and such bets bring increased profits.

Varieties of hockey bets
The final siren announcing the end of the last (third) period does not always mean that the match is over. If the teams do not find a winner in regular time, overtime is assigned (+ a series of bullets if necessary). When betting on hockey, it is necessary to take into account this moment when you take a handicap or total.

In the main time the game can end with a victory of the hosts (1) or guests (2), as well as a draw (X). For such pairs, the highest limits are usually set at a minimum margin. It is also possible to reinsure by choosing a double result – 1X, X2 (first or second team does not lose) or 12 (NOT a draw).

Such hockey bets are very popular today. It is necessary to determine whether the teams will be able to exceed the set statistical indicator (total more) or stop in front of it (total less). Usually it is a question of quantity of the thrown washers or removals. For example, TV 5.5 will play if there are more than 6 goals in the match, and TM 5.5 – if less.
The individual total is calculated for one team or player. This hockey betting strategy does not necessarily have to be related to the final result. You can take the total for a specific period, overtime or any period of time. Bookmaker lines often offer this type of bet as “even-odd”. Such a game is more like an eagle or a bet on black and red. Here you need to guess whether the result will be even or odd.

Such bets on this sport involve a handicap for one of the teams. Handicaps can be positive (it is enough for an outsider not to lose with a certain difference) and negative (the favorite should win with the specified advantage). If the handicap is an integer, a refund is possible. For example, if an outsider loses by two goals at F (+2). There is also a zero handicap, which provides a return with a draw.

Pre-match analysis, tips, strategies

For those who bet on hockey, strategy is just as important as for everyone else. Careful pre-match analysis is of primary importance. It is also mandatory for those who prefer to play live. The following points should be taken into account:
The current form of rivals. The clear favorite can approach the match “bloodless” after a difficult series of fights. Or, conversely, the underdog team has gained momentum recently. It is important to consider the situation with the injured.
The history of recent meetings between them. Some teams are “uncomfortable” for opponents who occupy much higher places in the standings.
Motivation. Any hockey strategy must take into account how important the game is to the opponents. In the regular season, many teams solve their tasks long before the end of the tournament, so they can relax in a single game.
There is no 100% reliable strategy in betting. This also applies to hockey. But there are several game options that allow you to make a profit with relative success. The first strategy for live hockey is designed to draw in a period in a match of approximately equal teams. The average coefficient for this result is 3.0. If the first period ended in a draw, you need to withdraw money immediately. If the result is different, put on the second of the catch up, etc.
The second option is based on the forecast that the period will be highly effective. Bookmakers often give good odds on TV 1.5, while the average performance – from 2 goals. Naturally, the chances are higher in matches where attacking teams meet. You need to play according to the same scheme as in a pair for a draw.

Answers for the most interesting questions for you

Where to bet on hockey?
For those wishing to bet, hockey is available everywhere. Many bookmakers offer new customers interesting bonuses. There are plenty of reputable sites on the Internet that present their bookmaker rankings.

Why is there so little painting for other European championships?
These tournaments are usually broadcast only on local channels, which makes it difficult to organize live viewings. However, recently the situation is changing for the better.

What is the peculiarity of hockey bets?
This sport is ideal for professionals who know how to work with statistics.