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Cheer The Podcast: Episode 21

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Cheer the Podcast Episode 21 (2.1.15) – We wrap up the California trip, bring on our first guest, ESPN.com’s Corey Pronman, to discuss the Adam Clendening-Gustav Forsling deal and the Blackhawks’ prospect pipeline, and we talk about the second half of the lengthy Hawks’ roadie.

That Was Awful: A Critique of the Winter Classic (And a recap: Caps 3 Hawks 2)

Happy new year to you and your family from Cheer The Anthem!

The Winter Classic, at its best, is an outstanding event showcasing hockey. Last year at the Big House we saw two iconic teams, Red vs. Blue, snow falling all around the stadium, and it was a grand spectacle. It was exactly what the marketers and money people for the NHL and sponsors wanted to see. Hell, I’m so sick of the Maple Leafs and I loathe Detroit and I was glued to my television. And granted, I’m not the person the NHL is marketing this game to. I’ve watched Edmonton play Arizona this year so I’m watching no matter what, but man, the presentation of last year’s Classic had everything for good television watching.

This year, the Winter Classic was the worst of any they’ve had. Continue reading That Was Awful: A Critique of the Winter Classic (And a recap: Caps 3 Hawks 2)

Just Fine: Blackhawks (4) Flames (3)

(Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images)

I’m gonna be honest here, that was a boring ass hockey game. Yes, it was a 4-3 victory that included a late goal by Patrick Kane, but there were long stretches of nothingness and sloppy hockey. An early 2-0 lead for the Blackhawks in the first period was vaporized by dumbass penalties and that made this game much more difficult than it should have been. Regardless of the style of game, a W is a W and this is as good a start as any to a lengthy road trip. Let’s break this one down and get some sleep… Continue reading Just Fine: Blackhawks (4) Flames (3)