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Cheer the Podcast Episodes

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Cheer the Podcast Episodes


Below you’ll find all the podcast episodes we’ve done so far. This will be a friendly index to help you locate them, and of course, re-listen as many times as you please. So, like 500,000,000 times. Plus or minus a couple. We’ll index them and give a brief synopsis of the content for each episode. As always, you can find the podcasts on iTunes at their page and e-mail us at cheerthepodcast@gmail.com to fill our mailbag.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 18 (11.22.14): The first podcast of the new season is in the can as Jeff, Jim and Adam sit down to sift through everything from the Leddy trade to Phillip Danault. Kris Versteeg is shoehorned into places where they sent Crisobal Huet. Ben Smith and Andrew Shaw get a lot of play on the podcast, mostly for getting too much play on the ice. The guys go through the West and touch on LAK’s off ice obstacles, SJS’ Cup or Bust mentality (part IX) and why Dallas & Colorado are slow out of the gate.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 17 (10.5.14): With the salary cap move finally taken care of Jim, Tom and Adam get together to talk about life after Nick Leddy. We can guarantee this will be the #1 Kyle Cumiskey searched podcast on iTunes by Wednesday. The Daniel Carcillo Experience is back in town and, so, well… [trails off while looking at the horizon]. But there’s NHL hockey this week so basically we spend almost an hour waffling about the 13th and 14th forwards and 3rd pairing affecting the Blackhawks Cup chances this season

Cheer the Podcast Episode 16, Part 2 (9.19.14): The second half of the season opening podcast concludes with a preview through the Central division. We more than live up to our reputation as the #1 Dallas Star fan on Twiiter while a new season of laughs at the expense of Winnipeg and St. Louis begins.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 16, Part 1 (9.16.14): And, we’re back! In the first installment of a two part podcast to open the 2014-15 season the crew largely focuses on the Blackhawks and what has changed since the draft (hint: not much). The guys also welcome Tom Pauly to his first podcast as a CtA member. Topics discussed include the cap and speculation on who will go to get under it, Versteeg’s leash, which kids will move from the Rock to Chicago and a small segment on professionalism from the least professional bloggers currently covering the Blackhawks*.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 15 (6.28.14): Jim and Adam get together for draft tonight as their mindsets wildly change over a 24 hour period. Patrick Sharp is the topic du jour, followed by the abundance of right side defencemen which now includes Niklas Hjalmarsson and how the lower than expected cap ceiling may cause the Hawks just to stand pat. The implications of Ryan Kesler’s trade to Anaheim, the low ceiling cap on teams already up against it and the impending free agency period all roll back to that $69M number as the guys fully delve into the first true offseason podcast of the summer.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 14: Part 2(6.16.14): With part 1 having looked back at last season, part 2 focuses on the offseason ahead and the questions that need to be answered. The Brent Seabrook conundrum (the idea that actively shopping him is reactionary nonsense), Patrick Sharp as the lone core piece we’d be OK with seeing moved and Toews/Kane getting extensions are primary discussion topics. We also look at the barren UFA landscape to see if any pieces there would make sense for the Blackhawks. Business opens for buyouts today as well as trades. This should lead you into that whole process.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 14 (6.12.14): Sadly, the guys convene to look back on a season where the Blackhawks failed to win the Stanley Cup. In the first part of a two part episode they focus solely on the 2013-14 season and what went both wrong and right. Topics include players jettisoned like Brandon Pirri, Jimmy Hayes and Dylan Olsen as well as those coming back such as Kris Versteeg, Peter Regin and David Rundblad. The Kings series is dissected with Patrick Sharp’s disppearance and Joel Quenneville’s questionable roster decisions put to the fire. Still, there were a lot of positives like career highs in points for Patrick Sharp, Marian Hossa scoring 30 goals and the continued success of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Still, the guys are left disappointed at what could have been.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 13 (5.18.14): The Minnesota Wild are now in the rear view and the Kings are the only obstacle between the Blackhawks and a 2nd straight Final appearance. The guys reflect back on the Minnesota series and it taking more than originally thought while looking ahead to those LA Kings. Brandon Bollig’s social media escapades get a brief mention, and the role we hope to not play again in those. We also delve into the unpredictable happenings of the Eastern Conference playoffs, basically going as far to say that the West Finals are for the Cup.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 12 (4.30.14): With the Blues vanquished the guys reconvene to discuss the Game 7s in progress as they ‘cast, bury the Blues, see what lies ahead in Round 2, answer a few e-mails (including a special local country club celebrity, allegedly), check in on everyone’s favorite stairwell pooper and this episode’s outro involves Craig Berube and Jeremy Roenick.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 11 (4.16.14): Adam and Jim give you a full hour of playoff talk. Every series in both conferences gets at least a mention, some like the Wild and Avs gets extra time as we try to will Colorado into an embarrassing first round exit. The Blues and Blackhawks receive the majority of the attention in this episode between 19/88 returning to the lineup, Morin and Peter Regin on the 5th line looking in, the Black Aces and Ryan Miller’s potential for cinematic failure. Brent Seabrook gets a good five minute segment and literacy brought to you by Jim Mora is this week’s outro.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 10 (4.7.14): Jim and Adam host a Bartl-less podcast as he recovers from his vacation exploits. Topics covered include the Toews-Orpik controversy about #grit, the performances of Jeremy Morin and Peter Regin with Bryan Bickell, a few e-mails that include an discussion about hockey and television production, and a look at the Blackhawks blue line going into 2014-15. In the East the guys roast the Leafs and lament the Wings keeping their playoff streak.

Cheer the Podcast Tuevo Episode 9 (3.21.14): After a religious sabbatical to find Teuvo the guys return to talk about the six week hiatus including brief recaps of the Olympics and The Stadium Series. Kris Versteeg, David Rundblad, the rash of injuries for Saad, Bickell, Kane and Rozsival, & Pirri getting traded while Bollig got extended were Hawks-centric topics touched on. Around the League the guys sacrificed Marty St. Louis at the Altar of Teuvo, talked about the Pacific Division race, the possibility of Detroit not making the playoffs and an out of context Michael Jordan comment is this week’s outro.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 8 (2.9.14): As we enter the Olympic break the guys talk about Shaw’s recent march to the penalty box, upcoming Olympic hockey, the playoff races around the league, possible landing spots for Ryan Miller (no, really), another DERP of the week and go off the rails a bit about killer whales.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 7 (2.2.14): The fellas answer e-mails, mostly pertaining to Bryan Bickell, and add a new weekly segment entitled “Derp of the Week.” They also discuss Mighty Mike D’s new commercial venture, Marty Havlat vs. Marian Hossa, the mid-point of the West Coast road trip and then delve into non-hockey topics Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the Super Bowl.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 6 (1/25/14): We got a new microphone! And have an intro! Once again we begin with reader e-mails as they increase in number, which include topics such as the 2nd line center acquisitions, playoff projections and who the Hawks want/don’t want to play, special teams recent performance, David Bowie and the recent sluggish play. Then we move into the upcoming road trip, Sochi security concerns, Blackhawks Nation’s photoshop larceny and the ever important sixth defenceman.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 5 (1/18/14): Among the topics covered today are e-mail submissions from readers, HockeyBuzz and how its rumors may rot your brain out, Bryan Bickell and what’s been written about him, HockeeNight’s GONNA DRINKEN, the death of a terrible jersey, Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk and the properly setting expectations up and down the roster.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 4 (1/8/14): Tonight’s Podcast is titled Fuck the Purple Line. You’ll learn why about 20 minute into it as we give a PSA. Topics covered include the Olympics roster, notably Team Canada and Team Russia, the WJC tournament and Teuvo, Blackhawks line jumbles, goaltending, the Central division and some rambles about jerseys, the Oilers failed rebuild and we say the word liability a lot. Also, CHOO CHOO.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 3 (12/29/13): The Blues and Packers continue to make us miserable but we soldier on to talk about the top six make up among Blackhawks forwards, World Junior Championship hockey, the Ducks on the rise while the Wild swoon and answer a few e-mails. We also share our thoughts on the Blackhawks Stadium Series jersey choice.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 2 (12/16/13): Topics covered include 24/7′s HBO coverage of the Maple Leafs-Red Wings Winter Classic, Bryan Bickell’s return to the Blackhawks lineup and its implications on the rest of the roster, plus reader e-mails and a look into the close of the calendar year for the Blackhawks schedule.

Cheer the Podcast Episode 1 (12/8/13): Among the topics covered are Corey Crawford’s injury in the Florida game and what it means going forward, goaltending contracts in general, the James Neal-Shawn Thornton mess in Pittsburgh and Boston plus some general talk about the East vs. the West stack-up so far. Enjoy! Hopefully next week we’ll be able to deliver on the surprise we mention in the first minute or so.


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