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The Daily Phil Esposito (IT’S BACK!)

"Hey dude you suck, now it's my turn to suck. Face it we won't be back next year..."

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Well its been a while since I updated the former featherheads for you. I apologize, but College finals kind of took up the majority of my time, but now for the summer I’M FREE!

As for hockey, we know are into the Conference Finals and the San Jose Sharks will face the Vancouver Canucks in the West, while the Boston Bruins will have home ice advantage over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

There is a lot to cover so I won’t go into depth of each game and how many points were scored. Just know that the former Blackhawks haven’t really stepped up lately and the four which will be moving on are Ben Eager, Antti Niemi, and Scott Nichol for the Sharks, and Shawn Thornton for the Boston Bruins.


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The Daily (Weekly) Phil Esposito (4/22/11)

"Suck it Phoenix"

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Its been a while for the Espo. Between schoolwork and the lack of games being done in the playoffs I figured its easier that we do a multiple of days so we can get some content in these posts.

On Monday there were ten former Blackhawks to take the ice. One was a goalie who stepped in relief earlier in the series is continuing his great playoff series with a win. There was one point scored which was an assist by Radim Vrbata.

Tuesday saw just four ex-Hawks take the ice. They all were part of the same game in L.A. where the Sharks competed an amazing comeback, coming back from 4-0 deficit to win in OT. In that game the one point from the former Hawks game from the L.A. centerman who helped to get Niemi pulled early.

Wednesday there were eight former feather heads to play. There was a total of one goal and four assists for five points between the seven skaters. The goalie played a great game but picked up a loss.

Finally last night which was phenomenal after that amazing win by our boys, saw eight former Hawks to play scoring three points which were all from Habs. The one goalie played a decent game to pick up a win.

The Three Stars of the last four days are:

1st Star – Danny Cleary – one goal, two assists
2nd Star – Radim Vrbata – two assists
3rd Star – Brian Boucher – One win, 63 saves in two games


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The Daily Phil Esposito – Weekend Playoff Edition (4/18/11)

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There were plenty of great games to watch over the last four days and it seems like former Blackhawks played a role in each and every one of them.

On Thursday there were nine former ‘Hawks to take the ice. The eight skaters came up pointless, but the goalie, Mr. Niemi picked up another playoff win giving him seventeen in his career.

Friday saw just three former featherheads to take the ice, and they were able to muster up one goal after a terrible misplay by the opposing goalie.

There were thirteen ex-‘Hawks to take the ice on Saturday. The goalies spilt decisions, while the eleven skaters scored a total of one goal and four assists for five points.

In yesterday’s action there were two former Blackhawks who took the ice scoring one point on an assist.

The three stars of the weekend are:

1st Star – Radim Vrbata: one goal and an assist
2nd Star – Craig Adams: one goal
3rd Star – James Wisniewski: one assist, plus two

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The Daily Phil Esposito – Playoffs Edition (4/14/11)


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There were six former Blackhawks who took place in day one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. All were skaters and they were able to produce two goals as the only two points of the night.

As for the ‘Hawks game. I agree with Tim, I thought that at times the Blackhawks looked like a much more experienced and better team during the game, and towards the end of the first and the other two periods the Canucks were on their heels. The Hawks could very well win this series and I predicted they were going to win it in 6. So lets see, and LETS GO HAWKS!

Here are your three stars from the night

1st Star – Steve Sullivan – game winning goal
2nd Star – Radim Vrbata – one goal
3rd Star – Craig Adams – plus one, 60% on face-offs

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The Daily Phil Esposito (4/11/11)

"Ha I just farted, but seriously, I hope to see the Blackhawks in the finals against me and the Flyers so I can show them why it was wrong that they traded me!"

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Hey Guys! Hope you had a great weekend and didn’t have heart failure over the Blackhawks… Friday saw three goals and five assists for eight points scored by the nineteen former featherhead skaters. The one goalie who took the net lost.

Saturday there were eighteen former ‘Hawks to take the ice. The sixteen skaters scored four assists as their only points while the two goalies picked up big wins for their teams.

On Sunday there were ten former Blackhawks on the ice, with three of them fighting to knock the Blackhawks out of the playoffs. One was a drunk goalie who, yup you guessed it, lost, and the nine skaters were able to score two goals and notch on an assist. Ladd had one of the goals while Danny Cleary helped his Wings beat the hawks with the other two points…

Somehow the ‘Hawks snuck in due to the Wild actually showing up to play… Wow.

Here are the Three Stars of the Weekend

1st Star – Kris Versteeg – One goal and two assists
2nd Star – Andrew Ladd – One goal and one assist
3rd Star – Tuomo Ruutu – One goal and two assists

In the next couple of days I will have an Espo out with the final numbers for every former Blackhawk and how their season went, as well as any games that former Blackhawks play in the playoffs and how they do as well.


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The Daily Phil Esposito (4/8/11)

"Ha, I have more goals than Patrick Kane."

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There were eight former Blackhawks to take the ice last night. One was a goalie who picked up a nice win against a division rival. The other seen skaters were able to tally three points, one was a goal and two were assists. We also had an Adam Burish siting! Hopefully his presence doesn’t help the Stars past the ‘Hawks.

Big two points tonight with the Red Wings, Tim will have your preview later one! Enjoy

Three Stars

1st Star – Andrew Ladd – 28th goal of the Season
2nd Star – James Wisniewski – Two assists
3rd Star – Craig Anders(s)on – Second straight win.

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The Daily Phil Esposito (4/7/11)

Moral Win against the Flyers on Tuesday

There were fourteen former Blackhawks to take the ice Tuesday night. The one goalie picked up a win, while the thirteen skaters only produced two points which were both assists.

Three Stars:

1st Star – Craig Anders(s)on – Win against the Flyers
2nd Star – Andrew Ladd – Assist and Plus two
3rd Star – Craig Adams –  Assist

Last night there were thirteen former ‘Hawks to take the ice. The drunk goalie lost his league leading 32nd game while the skaters amassed three goals and two assists for five points.

The ‘Hawks got a big win which they needed and may have gotten some help for the two games against Detroit this weekend with one of their big guns doubtful after suffering an injury in last nights action. Find out who later on.

Now for the three stars of last night.

1st Star – Sergei Samsonov – Two Assists in a loss to Washington
2nd Star – Rene Bourque – Goal in a rout of Edmonton
3rd Star – Benny Eager –  Goal


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The Daily Phil Esposito (4/5/11)

"You guys let go of the wrong guy to the Sharks..."

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There were four former Blackhawks who played Monday night. The one goalie was Antti Niemi who recorded another win making his record 34-17-6 on the season. The other three skates didn’t really do much, but Michael Handzus scored the only point with a second period goal on Niemi.

The Three Stars I guess look like this:

1st Star – Has to be Antti Niemi with his 34th win of the season
2nd Star – Michael Handzus had the only point
3rd Star – Ben Eager for not sucking.

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The Weekend Edition of the Daily Phil Esposito (4/4/11)

"You guys miss me in Chicago yet?"

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On Friday, eight former featherheads took the ice. The only point was a goal scored by Sammy Pahlsson against the Blackhawks in that pitiful effort of a game against the Jackets.

Saturday had nineteen former Blackhawks taking the ice scoring four goals and two assists for six points. The goalies went

There were also eight former ‘Hawks who played on Sunday scoring just one goal as the only point of the day. That came from Bryan McCabe.

Something new which I will be including into my posts from now on will be the Three Stars of the Night Former Blackhawk Style. This post will have the Three Stars of the weekend.
1st Star – Dustin Byfuglien – Reached a Career High in Goals this weekend.
2nd Star – Danny Cleary – Game Winning Goal in overtime Saturday.
3rd Star – Tuomo Ruutu – One assist and all around good play over the weekend.


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The Daily Phil Esposito (4/1/11)

Niemi Says no again...

The former Blackhawks came to play last night. They scored a total of twenty three points with twelve goals and eleven assists. April fools.

Now that we got the childish games out of the way, there were actually nineteen former featherheads to take the ice last night. Two of goalies combined for two wins, a shutout and 67 saves while the other lost his league leading thirty-first game of the season (That Drunk Guy). The sixteen skaters combined for three points including two goals and one assist. Two big games for teams in the West and the outcomes both favored the Hawks. However the one game that didn’t saw the Predators defeat the Avalanche for their eighth win in their past ten games.

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