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Pinwheels: Kings 1 Hawks 3 (Hawks lead series 1-0)


OK.. one down.. and a strange one at that. The stats suggest that the Hawks were totally outgunned by the Kings, with the LA team having a 26-20 advantage in shots and a 57.4% Corsi share. Sure didn’t look like that, though. In my opinion, the Hawks played a smart, speedy game, keeping the Kings from their usual “Monstrous Forecheck=Pucks Played Into Space” method. The Kings were scrabbling and attempting long-range and half-chance efforts almost all night. Meanwhile, the Hawks were a continual threat to break at speed and in numbers. making sure that the Kings were defending in their own zone rather than 200 feet away.

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Southern Pacific: Hawks/Kings WCF Guest Preview

Due to their series going to seven games and the short turnaround time between the end of the 2nd Round and the Western Conference Final, it was unclear whether the Hawks would be playing the Los Angeles Kings or the Anaheim Ducks for the privilege of a second successive SCF appearance. Therefore, when coming up with this preview, I decided to play it safe by enlisting the help of a couple of people who have good knowledge of, and a healthy disdain for, both teams.  Here are our good buddies (and San Jose Sharks fans)  Staci from the Canafornians and Derek from Fear The Fin , answering some questions about the Hawks formidable opponents.


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PM Sellers, folks. He's the best.

Among The Pines: Blackhawks 2 Wild 1 (Hawks win series 4-2)

PM Sellers, folks. He's the best.

PM Sellers, folks. He’s the best.

I should really be sitting here writing about the Hawks’ prospects in Game 7 against the Wild, trying to cheer you (and myself) up with the record at the United Center and assuring you that the next one will be different.  Instead we’re eyeing up the Kings and Ducks and hoping for 5OTs before the Hawks head to California. Funny old game, Hockey, eh?


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Bite The Hand: Hawks 2 Wild 4 (series 2-2)

look at this prick

Good morning. I’m sure you want to read about that pile of crap as little as I want to write about it, but that’s what we’re all here for, so I’ll get to it.

This is going to be brief as we’ve all got better things to be doing.


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Sweet Smell: Wild 1 Hawks 4



When we look back on this game, years from now, the scorecard will suggest that it was a 4-1 ass-kicking.  Having just watched said game, however, we all know that that is far from the truth.


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Motherland: Wild @ Hawks Preview

After what seems like ages (and also no time at all) the Hawks start their 2nd Round tonight, at home this time, thanks to the Wild knocking out the Avs.  I’ve still not really got an opinion on which matchup I’d have preferred, but let’s have a look at the hand we’ve been dealt.


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Playoff Beered Update!


OK, for those of you who don’t know;  I’m not growing a Playoff Beard (already got one) and am instead brewing a Playoff Beer.

I brewed this Oatmeal Stout two weeks ago, before Game 1 against St Louis. It’s been bubbling away happily to itself for the duration. By happy coincidence, it finished fermenting and was ready for bottling today, on the eve of Round Two.

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Things To Do In St. Louis When You’re Dead: 2014 Edition

St Louis Dead


If this seems familiar , then yes, you’re right. Once again, the Blues are out of the Playoffs; having let down themselves, their fans and the legions of sports “experts” who picked them as Winners.

Far better people have eulogised their failure, so we here at Cheer The Anthem are just going to speculate on exactly what various personnel from the Blues will be getting up to during their long, long summer vacation.

(Through the medium of remedial-level photoshops, of course).


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Who’s Next?

Good morning.


Now that the Blues have been safely despatched, the burning question for Hawks fans is the identity of their 2nd Round opponents. Will it be the young, speedy and bloody lucky Avs with their stellar goaltending, or the tenacious, gritty and annoying Wild with their.. uh, goaltending? Which is the more desirable matchup?

A question of this magnitude is beyond the feeble minds of this blog, so we’ve enlisted one of our celebrity pals to bring his unique point of view and razor-sharp insight to the matter.


Over to you, Jay

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Who’s Got Big Balls?

There’ll be a recap along at some point.. until then