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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/7/11)

"We are good."


This weekends the former Hawk’s were very busy, and this Espo is jam packed.

On Friday there were nine former featherheads to take the ice scoring two goals and one assist for three points. The one goalie who played was cooled down losing for just the second time since switching teams.

On Saturday twenty-one ex-‘Hawks played. The lamp was lit several times because of these guys, four goals and seven assists totaling eleven points. The big scorers were in the Atlanta vs Florida game where the three former hawks who played added eight points, including big games from Big Buff and Andrew “The Captain” Ladd. The one goalie who played lost his first game in nearly three weeks.

Wrapping up the weekend on Sunday, there were seven former Blackhawks who played tallying just two assists. The goalie lost his decision for a team who has struggled in it’s last couple games. The goalies this weekend didn’t fare to well.

Thank you to Tom Leonard for the kind email as well as pointing out that I was missing a couple of former ‘Hawks in my daily post. You will see a couple of new names in this post. Also thank you to all who read the post everyday! I am glad that you like the post! If you see that I am forgetting anyone else or have a idea to help the Espo or even just want to say hi send me an email at and I will try to get back to you! Hope you had a great weekend and that you enjoy today’s post!

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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/4/11)

"Hey I finally scored a real goal! I am awesome."


There were twenty two former ‘Hawks in action last night. The twenty skaters combined to score three goals (two of which came from Kris Versteeg) and five assists totaling eight points. The two goalies remained on fire winning their two games stopping an impressive sixty-eight shots combined and only allowing two goals. These guys are smoking.

The standing were jumbled up again after these games but the Blackhawks still remain in the 4th seed. With Detroit’ loss last night, if the Hawks win the game tonight they will pull within seven points of the Wings, which I think is attainable, this season isn’t over yet but crazier things have happened.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully the ‘Hawks can help you enjoy them more by extending this winning streak and bringing home four more points. GO HAWKS!

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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/3/11)

Good for you Johnny, we miss you here! Well at least I do.


Six former Blackhawks skated last night compiling four points, three were goals the other was an assist.  The two who stand out are John Madden and Rene Bourque. That flamer got lucky that the puck fell in his lap twice while he was near the net or had an open net… Bum. On the other hand, good to see John Madden having success, I always did like him, hes just too expensive to keep… :(

Enjoy fourth place for the day as well as Boxing from Bartl. Have a good one guys!

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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/2/11)

"Did I actually just score a goal? Wow, it feels good to do something positive for a change."


There were eighteen former featherheads to take the ice last night. There were two goalies who split decisions. The one who got the win is probably playing the best out of any goalie in the league. The other 16 players were able to contribute five points, two goals and three assists. The two goals came from blue-liners. Enjoy your day, and watch for Tim’s pre-game for the big game tonight against Calgary, a win can have the ‘Hawks in 4th!

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The Daily Phil Esposito (3/1/11)

The Newest Former Hawk, Ryan Potulny


The three former ‘Hawks which played last night added three points, two were goals the other was an assist. We have a new former Hawk and there was another former feather head who switched sweaters as well. Glad the ‘Hawks are continuing their winning ways.

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The Weekend Phil Esposito (2/28/11)

Maybe Boynton and Laperriere can hug it out now. God answered Bartl's prayers and got Boynton the hell out of town. The kids in the UC are all safe from his creepy mustache now.


There were sixteen former ‘Hawks to take the ice Friday scoring two points which were both goals. The two goalies split, but the win came from probably the hottest goal tender in the league right now.

Saturday there were fourteen former featherheads to play producing one goal, and two assists and the goalies combined again for one win and one loss.

Sunday, eleven former Blackhawks took the pond and we able to score two goals and one assist. One goal came from one of the hottest players in the league goals wise, Andrew Ladd, and the other came from a former Captain of the Hawks, Adrian Aucoin. Hope you enjoyed the win last night. I was able to witness it from the United Center, wish they won in Regulation but I’ll take a W. Enjoy the weekend Espo and tonight’s game!

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The Daily Phil Esposito (2/25/11)

I think this kid has a different way of saying Detroit Sucks...


There were nine former ‘Hawks on the ice last night, pulling out one goal and two assists. Another was packing his bags and moving to another team.  How bout that win the ‘Hawks got last night! Not bad. Lets keep it up! Enjoy folks.

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The Daily Phil Esposito (2/24/11)

"You guys miss me yet?!"


UPDATE: The Atlanta Thrashers have traded Brent Sopel to Montreal for a minor-league prospect and fourth-round draft pick today.

There were eleven former Blackhawks on the ice last night. The two goalies pulled out wins and have been playing really well as of late. The other nine skaters which I count as seven due to one being David Koci and the other Jack Skille produced two points… One was a goal and the other was an assist both were scored by two of the hottest players in the league right now. Lets get another W tonight. Huge four point swing from this game tonight!

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The Daily Phil Esposito (2/23/11)

"I'm on Fire... and now I think I'm ready to carry this team..."


There were 19 former Blackhawks that played last night two of which were goalies and split their decisions. The other 17 were able to combine for three goals and four assists.

The Coyotes stayed hot beating the Flyers on the road in OT while on the other end of the spectrum the Stars lost again. The Preds, Flames, Stars, Wings, Canucks all lost which is nice because they were all ahead of the ‘Hawks in the standings. The Sharks, Wild, and Phoenix however pulled off victories and stayed ahead of the Hawks.

Hopefully we can play well over the next three games all against Western Conference opponents. Enjoy!


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The Daily Phil Esposito (2/22/11)

"Here we go again..."


There were a whopping two former featherheads to take the ice yesterday. One was the newest former ‘Hawk who continued his suckiness while the other was Craig Adams, who well just like Skille didn’t do shit, but he was less crappy than Jackie… No points were scored between the two.

On a different note, the Hawks have won a game in regulation! Hope has been restored… for now.

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(Ha fooled ya, didn’t think I needed a jump for two guys)
Craig Adams – Pittsburgh
13:22 TOI, 5 of 15 on face-offs

Jack Skille – Florida
15:00 TOI, minus two, three shots
Jack added to his amazing plus minus as a Panther and is now a minus eight in the six games he has played for them… Whoopie!

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