Before we go any further, that headline refers to this which led my web-designer brother to create this .

Anyway, Nicolas-Cage based antics aside, this series is now 2-1 and the Hawks now have a chance to make the return to Nashville an elimination game (Which sounds like a tortuous setup for a urine -based pun, but I won’t go there…heh, heh).  Despite some reversals , especially in the immediate aftermath of scoring a goal, and some curious coaching decisions, the Blackhawks dominated this one for long stretches and were well worth the win. Shall we address the matter at hand? We shall.

  • Right, those lineup changes… as far as rational Hawks fans are concerned, Q Giveth and Q Taketh Away. Vermette drew back in and Teravainen went to the pressbox. I’ll sound like a HIPESTORMAN here, but I didn’t mind too much, at the time. Teuvo either plays at center or LW and with Versteeg now unscratchable in Q’s fevered brain, the depth in front of TT on the wing was too much. Ditto at center, with Q making the smart choice of dropping Andrew Shaw to Kruger’s wing. On defense, however, we yet again got to see Duncan Keith shackled to Michal Rozsival. How much longer, Q? David Haugh thinks you’re running a meritocracy here. He had to look that word up, so don’t let him down.
  • The guy who was the focus of a lot of pre-game ire, Andrew Desjardins, was… fine. He had a good night, including scoring a very workmanlike goal. He was engaged and busy and all you could ask for from a 4th line guy. Good work, that man, moar plz.
  • Marian Hossa was in full-on Beast Mode last night.. he was everywhere and doing Good Things.. except for getting enormously pissed off at Viktor Stalberg for reasons that are unclear and slew-footing him for a Shaw-Level Dumbass penalty. Seriously? Was this just long-pent-up rage at all those scoring chances that ended up in the 100 Level when Vik was in Chicago? Don’t think the NHL are going to take a look at this because “It’s the Playoffs” but don’t put yerself in that position, please Marian. Because we need your otherwise great play.
  • I didn’t think Brandon Saad had been all that anonymous prior to last night, just unlucky. He reminded us all of how he is Hossa’s Mini-Me and scored a delightful goal to get the Hawks out in front in the 2nd. Attaboy.
  • HIPESTORMAN drew in as goalie due to Q deciding to exercise his “Winngest Coach/2 Cupz” prerogative. Darling was pretty damn good, that said. The rebounds are an issue, but that guy earned his keep last night. I still think Crow should start, but such is the embarassment of riches here, Darling having the net is the least of my worries.
  • On the other hand DAT RINNE GUY SUX AND LAVYSTINK SHUD SITT HIS DUM ASSS. Which is exactly what Chicago Meatballs would be screaming if Crawford (or Darling)  had played like Pekka Rinne last night. Rinne is an excellent goalie but he’s playing like a choad in this series. He’s tentative and rebound-happy and I’m not really sure why. Yet he’s also seemingly immune from the sort of speculation that is the default mode for Hawks’-fan mouthbreathers.
  • For a while we wondered where Patrick Kane was, then he jumped into the play and did some very Patrick Kane things.. he’s still just back from a long layoff and he’s doing just fine.
  • That minute-or-so of play before the Seabrook goal is an example of why the Hawks can beat anyone when they put their minds to it. They shredded and stretched the Perds in their own zone and managed to get Toews in as a pair of fresh legs and.. good things happened. I love it when the Hawks go Harlem Globetrotters on other teams.

OK, I’ll wrap this up now as I have to go study for a goddam Law exam. We’re at 2-1 and if the Hawks can hold serve at home, we’ll be headed back to Nashville with a chance to put the Perds on the receiving-end of a handshake line. I’ll take that.