Those of you who were around this site last year may recall that, rather than shaving off my beard and regrowing it, I instead chose to brew a beer during the playoffs with the eventual aim of using it to toast victory. The beer turned out just fine but, sadly, was imbibed a little sooner than planned.  Oh well.


I’m going for a repeat performance this year and so, last night, the V pro Victoria IPA was dragged kicking and screaming into the world. The bugger should be hoppy as all get-out, but if it’s not where it should be, I’ll dry-hop it.


Recipe to make 19 litres as follows:

3.3kg Light Dry Malt Extract

225g Crystal 113 EBC


225g Amber 50 EBC

60g Challenger (60 mins)

40g Challenger (30 mins)

20g EKG (10 mins)

20g EKG (5 mins)

WLP013 London Ale yeast

Whirlifloc tablet.



All went smoothly and it’s in the FV..  no activity yet, but I’m a dumbass who didn’t take the yeast out of the fridge early enough, so it’s likely pretty sluggish.

More as progress continues.

Let’s go, Hawks