“To Piss On One’s Chips”  is defined thus by Urban Dictionary:

“…to really mess something up for yourself (rather than for someone else) with an unnecessary and/or stupid act….The origin of the expression is from the scenario in the UK of a guy buying some takeaway chips (french fries for any US readers) after an evening’s drinking.

Finding that he then needs a piss on the way home, the inebriated guy finds a quiet spot somewhere then and puts his chips on the ground nearby while he relieves himself. In his drunken state he then accidentally pisses on his chips, thus depriving himself of his meal through his own carelessness and stupidity”.


A better definition would be the highlights of last night’s game, with special attention paid to Michal Roszival.


It seems that every time the Hawks are poised to make a run at the Division/Home ice seeding) they figuratively micturate on their fried potato products. While it’s not the be-all-and-end-all and there’s the distinct possibility that winning the Central is a poisoned chalice, it’s still annoying. Even more annoying is losing to St Louis, which was clearly the theme of the evening in Chicago last night.  Three games to go,the Home closer against the Wild on Tuesday then off to St Louis and Denver.  The Blues aren’t out of reach, but it’ll be a tall order to catch them. Nashville, too, due to that ROW lead. It’s looking likely that the Hawks will start the postseason in white. So be it. What else from last night is worth mentioning?

Oh yes. Him.

  • That was simply brutal from Roszival. Both Blues goals were gifts from the hapless blueliner. Jesus, if you’re letting Olli Jokinen pants you like that, you’re doing hockey so wrong it’s some sort of weird performance art. This right after Q gave him a huge vote of confidence as “Our Guy” for the playoffs, whereas most sane observers would suggest a quiet “Old Yellering” as the correct course of action.
  • Andrew Shaw… jesus wept. If the league don’t sit him down (and they will) then Q should. Never mind that Jackman is a worthless asshole, that sort of dunderheaded, dangerous play can’t happen in the playoffs.
  • Kris Versteeg scored. Well done Kris.
  • JAY GALLON was very good in stopping a late surge in shots from the Hawks, but they didn’t really make him work hard enough. Corey Crawford was excellent, including a great stop on a Statsny breakaway.
  • Kimmo Timonen was taken out by Ryan fucking Reaves, who must be bored without Bollig to cuddle. He’s listed as day-to-day and that’s a big worry, considering the state of play on the blueline.
  • St Louis didn’t look particularly fearsome, although they were without the dangerous Steen and Tarasenko. in fact, this was as “meh” a game between these two as I’ve seen.

OK, as Chicago breaks out the mops, shovels and disinfectant to clear away the detritus of visiting Cardinals and Blues fans (all six of the latter) who came to town last night, it’s time to get ready for the last night at the UC before the stakes get much, much higher.