This effing Hockey Team.. right after I bigged them up in relation to the Central (and by default, Western) title race, on the back of a shutout of the Rags, the Hawks go and #Cube one up against the out-of-it-even-if-they-don’t-believe-it-themselves Stars.  Guess those are the breaks. What made it doubly annoying was the Wings making it three straight losses (albeit with loserpoints involved) for the Blues. Boy, St Louis must be looking forward to a playoff series against Minnesota the way one looks forward to a proctological examination. Anyway, stuff:

  • As of now, the Hawks are still masters of a lot of their destiny: they can draw level with the Perds on points based on their two games in hand, but aren’t going to make up the ROWs to pass them on that tiebreaker. Of more interest, winning their games in hand without an SO puts them a point behind the Blues with an identical ROW count.. so things are pretty dang tight at the top of the Central
  • Q may get his 750th Win tonight etc etc… just win, hey?
  • The Canes suck badly at Hockey. PLEASE BEAT UP ON THESE BUMS, GUYS,
  • I’m starting to sound desperate, aren’t I?
  • In seriousness, Ryan Lambert suggested (on Puck Daddy) that the Hawks haven’t actually made any real progression since Kane got injured. I call BS: staying with the top-flight of the Central (and West) in the absence of one of the best NHL players who was also having a Career Season defintitely indicates a team moving forward. Racking up a couple of points tonight would help with my argument. OK guys?
  • BEAT THE CANES LIKE A GODDAM REDHEADED STEPCHILD WHO JUST BOUGHT A BARRET JACKMAN JERSEY. A KNOCKOFF ONE.  (as if there were any other kind: even ones bought from the Blues Store automatically start to unravel and deform)

Ireland won the Six Nations Rugby Championship last Saturday on one of the most utterly crazy and intense days the century-old competition has seen. I’m in a good sprotz mood. Don’t ruin this for me, Hawks.

This preview is dedicated to the wonderful Kerry, a Connecticut native living in Cork, who, on hearing I was a hockey fan, wore a Whalers shirt the first time she got to meet me. She looooves Kevin Dineen.