That one was annoying. Granted, the Rangers are one of the top teams out East but last night felt like a squandered opportunity to close in on the floundering Predators and the stuttering Blues, not to mention putting a little distance between the Hawks and the Wild, who are riding Devan Dubnyk right back into the postseason picture.  If there was going to be a bounce from the new acquisitions, it was going to be here.

However, following on from an unconvincing win against Edmonton, the Hawks once again failed to find the twine and Derrick Brassard applied the coup de grace thirty seconds into OT. At least it’s a point, right?


  • Getting outshot 36-29 in a tied game isn’t a recipe for success. The Hawks, according to NHL dot com, are now scoring at 1.8 goals per game over the last ten. Losing Patrick Kane is one thing, but this is ridiculous. Got to assume there’s a backlash a-coming, right?
  • The Power Play is not good. Four tonight and three shots to show for it, which means four shots over the last six, including the Edmonton game.  If Q wants to get blender-happy he could do worse than take a look at his man-advantage.
  • Ah, the annual Bickell scapegoating. Bickell hasn’t been good but Dan Carcillo is not an improvement. If Q is serious about chasing down the teams above, fine, but if he’s playing out the string, why on earth are Toews, Hossa and Saad all logging over 20 minutes because Carcillo can only get 7.29?
  • On that subject, Michal Roszival played 21.55 and please get better soon Johnny Oduya. Timonen still ain’t there yet, but there’s a noticeable improvement in his play game-to-game. Hopefully he can log some more minutes soon, too.
  • Corey Crawford has been excellent, make no mistake. If the Hawks can’t figure out a way to get more pressure going the other way, he’s going to need to remain that way.
  • Dammit, i really dislike losing to the Rags. I have a completely unfounded and irrational disdain for them. No idea why, because they’re about as unmemorable a bunch as you could imagine.
  • Every time I hear Cam Talbot’s name, I think of the British car manufacturer. They made cars that looked like this


OK, moving on to a meeting with Vermette’s old buddies in Glendale on Thursday. Nashville & St Louis will both play in the interim (the Yotes and Jets, respectively) so we’ll have an idea of how those standings are shaping up by then.