There are plenty of things that piss me off. Like traffic, people who are too lazy and ignorant to clear the pile of snow on the top and back of their vehicles and let it blind other drivers on the expressway, and those who say, “Yuck, this tastes disgusting. Here, try it.”

You can add the Blackhawks playing like dog shit during a long, important road trip to that list. They squandered two points against the Kings, dismantled a flawed Ducks team, failed to do much of anything against the Sharks and then looked rather disinterested against the Wild in a game where getting a pair of points was pretty much necessary.

Each player we consider bad was downright awful, and the ones we count on for production weren’t very good either. Corey Crawford was probably the best Blackhawk on Tuesday. Too bad he didn’t get any help, as the ‘Hawks were blanked for the first time in consecutive games for the first time since 2006.

I break down most everything in Boxing, but here are a couple of points:

— In the CtA text thread during the game, a solid point was brought up. The Hawks simple have too many “just guys,” i.e. players who simply put on a uniform, skate around, do essentially nothing and head back to the bench. Joakim Nordstrom, Ben Smith, Andrew Shaw, Bryan Bickell, Michal Rozsival and Johnny Oduya were discussed. The fourth line as a whole basically has been terrible. Why Shaw continues to get minutes on the first power-play unit and in important situations when a goal is needed simply defies logic at this point. His bonehead penalty seconds after the ‘Hawks were awarded a power play is a prime example.

— Pat Foley reminded us again how Coach Q consistently makes the point that the team that comes out better after a 5-on-3 situation usually seizes momentum and wins the game. Well, the ‘Hawks had a great kill of such a situation and turned away the rest of the penalty … then still gave up 24 shots on goal in the period and came away with zero points. Thanks.

— Did Teuvo play all that well? Not particularly, especially on the third goal. Is he being used properly? No, of course not. His time with Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp had little to do with Teuvo and everything with Brad Richards being so bad that Q had no choice but to make the switch.

— And hey, this road trip gets more fucking terrible. Winnipeg on Friday and an afternoon tilt with St. Louis. The Hawks have two points out of eight possible so far. At this point, getting at least to overtime in both games would be a victory.

Here’s Boxing….


Boxing Wild 2-3-15