I’m not sure when or why it happened.. it may have been the Yotes beating the Hawks in the 1st round in 2012, maybe it was the Torres hit on Hossa and  the idiotic attempts to defend it.. more likely it was the complete inability of their oversensitive fans to take a joke about moving to Quebec.  Then there’s the flopping and histrionics of Mike Smith. Maybe it’s the intense jealousy because the “AAAARRRROOOOOO” goal celebration has been rightly restored to Chicago. Whatever, in recent years the Coyotes have gone from “Minor Irritant” to “Douchenozzles” and are now sliding back into irrelevance again.

Hanging six on the Yotes, especially with the aforementioned Smith in goal for all of them,  was fun at any rate.

  • Andrew Shaw responded to his benching against Dallas (or maybe it’s just coincidence but NARRATIVE) by scoring twice. He also provided a screen in front of Smith for Toews’ goaI and managed to stay out of the box as a bonus. Good work, that man.
  • Three point night for Pat Kane and goal #200, with a beautiful assist from Mike Smith who served up an enormous rebound. Thanks, big guy.
  • Seriously, Mike Smith is fucking terrible and it’s hilarious. His Sv% last night was .882, which seems high until you realise that he also faced 51 shots. Smith is bad and the rest of the team ain’t much better.
  • Gorilla Salad is going to find it very hard to get back into this team, especially when Versteeg is healthy again. This is a good thing by any metric. Hopefully this is the end of the line for him in Chicago.
  • Multiple points for Teuvo (of who more in a moment), Sharp, Richards, Bickell and, of course, Shaw and Kane. That’ll do, pig.
  • Teuvo is growing into this league by the game. That kid has magic hands, as was demonstrated in his neat finish for his second career goal. This is not good news for the rest of the NHL.

It’s hard to gauge much from thumping a thoroughly shit team like the Coyotes, but it was gratifying none the less (particularly after the Hawks failed to thump a couple of shit teams lately). Nashville picked up a point against the Habs last night, so yer Central Division lead is five points and a game in hand away, still. But, with some iffy results lately and a long-ass road trip coming up, this was a bit of a tonic for the troops. Moar plz.