I’ve got a test on Aggression for my Social Psychology module on Friday, so I spent a lot of today watching videos of chimps killing each other and Nazi propaganda films, also reading about the Rwandan Genocide, the Stanford Experiment and Abu Ghraib. Reckoned that sitting through an hour of the Devils skating around couldn’t be any worse, so you’re stuck with me for the recap. No Fatso, of course, but Jaromethuselah Jagr was there to bring the average age up by 3,619 years.  Jaromethuselah has been very quiet against the Hawks of late, getting zero goals in the 2013 playoffs as a Bruin and recording exactly one shot in the Hawks’ two games against him last year. So, how did it all pan out?

The Hawks won in a shootout (Don’t Be Revolting, Darling being flawless against NJ’s two shooters including, yes, Jaromethuselah) but it sure as hell should not have got that far. The Hawks were tentative in the 1st, then realised that the Devils are a very bad Hockey Team and kicked their asses throughout the 2nd (Narrative!). Chicago should have been up 8-1 by the start of the 3rd, instead after NJ took the lead on a freak goal  they went all to pieces for most of that period until they remembered “Hey, these guys are Rubbish” and laid the smack down on NJ again, yet somehow failed to capitalise until the skills competition.  Points to follow

  • Patrick Sharp drew back in, playing RW on the 3rd Line. His snakebite also followed, because the guy could have had a repeat of his Fattie Hattie from last season. Good to see you back in the fold, shooter.
  • Let’s get this out of the way.. Kincaid, on debut in goal for NJ, had one of THOSE games… he was a wall all night. Well done, kid.
  • Nice goal, Bicks. But how much time do you need on a 3 on 1?
  • That said, allowing Jordin Tootoo  to score is unacceptable, team.
  • Scott Darling did very well and should be Crow’s understudy.
  • Hey, apparently some old guy called Jagger was playing tonight? Didn’t notice him, myself.
  • Jesus, the Hawks were dominant for most of the game.. when they ramp it up like they did for most of the 2nd , the late 3rd and almost all of OT it takes an extraordinary amount of luck to stay alive against them. NJ got that tonight.
  • I actually forgot that Jesus Martin Havlat and Tuomu Ruutu were still in the NHL. This is how much NJ are off my radar.
  • This should have been a laugher, especially in the 3rd.. instead the Hawks let the Taller Gionta SOLER one in.. and took their damn time to reassert themselves
  • Fuck it, I’m done. Top of the Central, 9-1-0. Vancouver lost, so 2 points behind the Ducks in the West with a game in hand and the tie-breaker…

These are great days, my friends. The Hawks are reminding everyone, including the Eastern-Based media why they are the team to beat in the West.


Bring your best shot on, Eastern Conference (fuck, it’s the Broons! Who cares? The Hawks could roll those assholes up like a doobie, come June)