Funny old game, Hockey.  Also occasionally deadly boring and generally forgettable. Last night was a prime example of this. Once upon a time, a game in Vancouver would have been circled on the calendar in red ink with “Buy moar booze” written underneath it. Now, however, it’s just another late night. Let’s talk about it a little, shall we, and then get on with our lives.


  • Remember when the Hawks 4th line used to bully people? Well, we saw the Bo Horvat, Derek freaking Dorsett (I’d actually forgotten he existed) and hat-trick boy Jannick Hansen line score three times last night.  Funny.
  • Kris Versteeg had a nice goal. Well done Kris.
  • Jesus, I watched Kevin Bieksa play a game last night, and it barely raised my blood pressure. Times have changed my friends. When no-one on the Canucks games has me snarling at the TV, then this rivalry is clearly deader than Franco.
  • The green men can fuck off and die, though. Pillocks.
  • 1000th game for Daniel Sedin.  I think it was Daniel?
  • Corey Crawford played his 11th straight game due to Raanta being ill.. we know he can do it, and he was excellent again last night, but I’d like him to get a break at some point, right Joel?
  • Third game in four nights (although, to be honest, that Oilers game was more of a gentle training session). Did it show? I guess so. The Hawks looked leaden last night but then again, this season, they’ve been more than capable of looking like that while fully rested. Whatever.
  • The Hawks still have the best Goal Differential in the West and are 3rd in goals scored (the Canucks leap frogged them with their four last night). So there’s a cheering thought.
  • I can’t think of anything else to say about this.

It’s off to Colorado and then a visit to California to meet the Ducks and Kings.. and after that, the schedule for December is pretty heavy. Should make for an interesting month and hopefully better recaps than this.