Patrick Sharp’s nifty backhander in the shootout sealed the 5-4 W up for the Blackhawks last night. Good. But this game shouldn’t have gone to a shootout. Despite being about a billion times more exciting than the muck and grind 1-0 loss on Tuesday, there are still some deficiencies that Chicago needs to address.

Who cares about that crap, though? Marian Hossa scored his 1000th career point on a goal in the third period! He should be in the hall of fame, his 81 should be raised in Chicago, and there should probably be a parade for him. He’s the best. I love Marian Hossa. I hope he plays forever.

Let’s break this thing down…

  • Jonathan Toews scored two goals and was very good. Both were “gritty” goals and I hope that’s the spark to get him scoring at a higher rate.
  • Until his unconscionable giveaway in the third period, Bryan Bickell was pretty good! Especially in the first period on the forecheck and working on low corner cycles with Toews and Hossa. More of that, fewer beer-league giveaways.
  • Andrew Shaw made me throw up. Lining him up down the middle is infuriating. He’s going to get dummied in the circle by Kadri/Bozak on Saturday. His defensive zone coverage on the fourth goal didn’t exist. Shaw just kind of free skated around and then bumped into Ben Smith. A save there might have been nice, though.
  • Decline penalties from now on. This power play. My god. The lack of movement and creativity with this roster just doesn’t make any sense. If the stars aren’t going to score and be creative, put the #BumSlayers out there. Get Kruger, Smith, Morin, etc. some time. What the hell, at least they might not get scored on.
  • Raise your hand if you thought Kris Versteeg would score a highlight reel goal in real life this year? Now keep it raised if you though he would walk Erik Karlsson below the circles to do it. That was unreal.
  • Speaking of #23, he’s gotten better as he’s gotten stronger. Tough to complain about again tonight.
  • #BigShow looked like an SPHL goaltender tonight. He made some good saves and did enough for a win. But his rebound control was atrocious, not more apparent than on Bobby Ryan’s goal (assisted by Bickell). Darling went from right post to left post, and in transition went into a kind of reverse-VH for low coverage. He didn’t get to his post quick enough and luckily Turris missed his mark so he could make the save. But not being at his post in time caused him to miff the rebound right out to legendary assist man Bryan Bickell.
  • Did Patrick Kane play tonight?
  • I usually don’t care about stars of the game, but Toews has 2 goals and is not featured. Marian Hossa scores his 1000th point and is the 2nd star. And Patrick Sharp, with 0 goals, is number one. What the hell, Ottawa?