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Dmitri Jaskin’s goal with 5 seconds left in the second period ended up being the game winner as the Blues took down the Hawks on Saturday night. Another comeback attempt in the third failed for Chicago as they couldn’t quite figure out Brian Elliott. Again.

Alright, look, St. Louis is a good team. They will make you pay for mistakes. The Blackhawks are lucky they didn’t pay for more mistakes. But the defensive tire fire that led to Jaskin’s goal can be directly attributed to Jonathan Toews chasing TJ Oshie around the zone. That freed up Johnny Oduya to attack the puck on the far side boards with Brandon Saad, but unfortunately, neither one of those guys decided to pick up Jaskin coming off the bench. Game over. With 5 seconds to play in the period, there’s no reason to play some kind of aggressive box-and-one defensive coverage that marks a guy who has one point on the season. It’s absurd. And if that wasn’t the set up, then the captain went for a swim, which he did a half dozen times last night.

Let’s break it down…

  • While we’re on the subject of Toews already, he was miserable for most of his 20:55. 64% on faceoffs was neat, but he lost some key draws, including the faceoff at the beginning of the gift power play from Steve Ott at the end of the game. The Blues cleared it and Chicago took another 45 seconds to get anything going. There were a handful of other shifts where Toews was out of position and lost some board battles. He’s gotta get going, one goal in seven games and -3 through his last five is bad. I don’t care about Corsi here, he needs to produce.
  • The bottom four defensemen were shakier than Michael J. Fox at an EDM show.
  • Kris Versteeg scored a goal and looked like a hockey player in the second half of the game. He backchecked well, and earned his ice time. Maybe he’s getting comfortable and we can expect this kind of progression.
  • My hangover poops have better character than Steve Ott. Look at this shitbag: It’s weird to see Blues fans complain about toughness and the initial jab from Versteeg when Ott looks to hack off a limb. When you play the way he does, you don’t get the “He hit me first” defense.
  • Speaking of the “He hit me first” defense, Alex Pietrangelo kinda got slew footed on a take down before whacking Hjalmarsson in the back of the legs. Yeah, it was a shit play, but he had a reason to be mad.
  • While we’re on the subject of shit plays, TJ Oshie’s hit on Carcillo was undercover scumbaggery. The Blues’ broadcast described it as a “hipcheck.” Fellas, a hip check is hip on hip. That was an attempted low-bridge and it’s dangerous as hell. That’s the equivalent of a chop-block in the NFL. It’s garbage. TJ Oshie drinks smegma.
  • Raanta was pretty decent again. Really confident through the first 37 minutes, and then pretty much the entire third period. You’d like to see him steer the rebound that went to Jaskin into the corner, obviously. But as noted above, there’s no way Jaskin should have been anywhere near the net there.
  • I liked Brad Richards’ effort tonight. He made some things happen offensively, and was pretty solid in his own end. I can live with that.
  • I want to go on a date with Pat Kane’s pass to Patrick Sharp. <3

Losses to the Blues suck. It stings. Not as much as the bacterial infection riding through the Blues’ locker room, but it still stings. The Hawks can try and right the ship against Ottawa, and they’ll have to play much, much better defense in front of rookie Scott Darling. Chicago can’t afford to start a losing streak with Anaheim coming to town on Tuesday. Go Hawks.