While it’s always good to see the Hawks dishing out a thumping to one of the league’s basement dwellers, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is likely going to be the worst team to visit the UC this season. Buffalo, despite some unconvincing talk about how they’re ‘not in the business of tanking’ this year, are terrible. That said, there’s enough promise in some of their young players that they’ll not be that way for all that much longer. Their time will surely come, but that time is not now.

Six different Blackhawks got their names on the scoresheet and yes, one of them was Gorilla Salad, which has surely got the droolers yelling “TOL YA SO, DAT CARCILLA IS GRATE AND HAS HEART AND GRIT”.  The fact that he scored by going to the net had Edzo in raptures and likely in need of drycleaning his suit.

Anyway, there’s not an awful lot more to say about last night, so let’s get to some talking points and you can all go back to your Sunday hangover.


  • Yes, that was #OffensiveJuggernautNiklasHjalmarsson loading up the long range attempt that Shaw tipped in for the 1st Goal. Welcome back, Nik.
  • Duncan Keith is benefiting nicely from bad goaltending thus far this season as he saw another fairly innocuous long range effort go in to make it 2-0 shortly thereafter.
  • Zemgus Girgensons not only has a fantastic name, he’s also a talented young man. He reacted sharply to a Crawford rebound to score in the 1st and could easily have had another earlier on when he couldn’t capitalise after Crawford passed the puck to him. He’s one of the reasons to be cheerful for the future in Buffalo.
  • Brad Richards is pretty slow, you guys. He tried desperately to keep a bad pass in the zone on the PP and turned it into a worse pass, straight to Drew Stafford, and was about half a yard behind Tyler Ennis when he scored.
  • Boy, that was a lovely finish by Kane for his 6th goal against his Boyhood Club etc etc. Still, at least they were able to sign another local in Brian Gionta, nearly as good, right?
  • Jhonas Enroth was pretty terrible on some of those goals. Of course, the poor bastard had to face 47 shots, too. But that effort by Sharp on the PP has to be saved.
  • Did you know that Marian Hossa has the most SHG among active players? I did not, but now I do.  By all means, continue to ignore him in the Selke vote, PHWA members. Hossa rules.
  • Yes, yes, Carcillo scored. It was a neat finish, too on a good pass by Saad. Carcillo, however, was a general liability and only played 9.55, in which time he took a bad interference penalty. On the subject of TOI, can anyone remember what Jeremy Morin did in the 1st to get his ass stapled to the bench for the rest of the game? 8.57 TOI and less than two minutes in the 3rd, despite the game being wrapped up.  Jesus, Joel.
  • Looks like the Saad/Shaw/Kane line is going to be a thing for a while.. 7 points between them last night, including 2 goals. Nice.

OK, that was a straightforward affair. Next up are the also-shit Calgary Flames, where we get to welcome back our old pal Brandon Bollig and hope that he and Carcillo manage to create such a Vortex of Awful that they’re both sucked into the Troposphere.

I’d also like to take a moment to congratulate Nakis on his wedding yesterday. Chances are the poor bugger drank twice his bodyweight in Retsina, so likely needs our prayers around now.