How A Resurrection Really Feels Hawks 4 Kings 3 (Gonna Game 7)

70s line




Ok, so, these Hawks have made it back from a 1-3 hole against an amazing Kings team to force a Game 7 in Chicago on Sunday. In other news, it’s 5am here, the rest of the CtA crew are drunk in a bar and I’ve got work in three hours.. so this will be a pretty short recap..


Straight to the points!


  • Two games ago, the creme de la merde of Hawks media, blogs and fans were attempting to hang all the Hawks’ failings on Patrick Kane. They were wrong then, they’re wrong now and it’s nice of that crazy demon-child to shove that down their throats in the last two games.
  • On the subject of scapegoats, the “Fine” “Minds” at Puck Daddy have been attempting to back up their own lazy narratives by deriding Corey Crawford. Crow was immaculate tonight. Even the 3rd LA goal (which looked ugly at first) came unexpectedly through Seabrook’s 5-hole. Thereafter, Crawford was perfect, even under massive late pressure from the Kings.
  • I called this game “Champagne Hockey” on Twitter and I stand by that assesssment.  This was a wonderful advertisement for the game, again.  If the Rags were watching this (and I’m sure they were) they must be feeling the way we do about twenty minutes after eating day-old sushi.
  • Drew Doughty is an excellent Hockey player and he plays on an excellent team.
  • Right about now, I should be yelling about Q’s dressing of Brookbank and essentailly running two lines all night. Not gonna. Let’s be happy tonight, I’ll write my feelings about this up before game 7..
  • GAME 7!! That dreaded beast of a game looms again.. the Hawks are 1-1 in the last two. The first was that bittersweet loss after nearly coming back from the dead against the Nucks and it was the first anniverary of the Final Victory over the Wings yesterday. We’ll all just have to deal with it.
  • This series has exploded into life, the hockey is outstanding and the games are on a razor edge. It’s hard going as a fan, but know that the rest of the Hockey world is watching and marvelling.

OK, I go sleep now.. we’ll be back before Game 7..






Doughty is the 2010-12 Keith. Just awesome. But Darryl will need to play him 40 minutes to stop both Toews & Kane lines. Sharpie is due. Predict a big game from him Sunday as all attention on top two lines. Great Hockey viewing. Rangers have to be scared either way.