Playoff Beered Update!


OK, for those of you who don’t know;  I’m not growing a Playoff Beard (already got one) and am instead brewing a Playoff Beer.

I brewed this Oatmeal Stout two weeks ago, before Game 1 against St Louis. It’s been bubbling away happily to itself for the duration. By happy coincidence, it finished fermenting and was ready for bottling today, on the eve of Round Two.

Bottling, much like playing the Wild, is a chore. Cleaning & sanitising 40 bottles at a time, priming, filling, capping.. basically, every time I do this I dream of having the disposable income to buy kegs and a spare refrigerator so I NEVER HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN!

some clean bottles.. yaay!
some clean bottles.. yaay!


Anyway, here’s the patient..


beer 2 001



After many occasions where I got my feet very, very wet while washing, sanitising and rinsing bottles, I finally remembered to wear appropriate footwear


beer 2 003



Anyway, got the bottles sorted, set up my equipment, primed the beer (so that it will have a nice frothy head) and got down to brass tacks


beer 2 016

For All You Young Home Brewers Out There: I recommend a bottling wand.. it’s a game changer.

I was being watched the whole time by Asst. Brewer Kirby

beer 2 007

And the end result is 36 bottles of Oatmeal Stout, which are now going to be put into a dark, cool place to condition.

beer 2 017

Of couse, the hard part is going to be keping my filthy hands off it until mid-June when the Hawks win the Cup.. the temptation to open one up for “Quality Control” in a week or so will be immense..

But I’ll hang tough, just like the Hawks!


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