As anyone who has had the misfortune of meeting me knows, I LOVE beer. So much so that I’ve started making my own. We all know about the symbiosis between Hockey and alcoholic beverages so I’ve decided to put two of my favourite things together and come up with a Victory Beer for this postseason.


I’m Irish, so of course it’s going to be a Stout.  An Oatmeal Stout, as it happens (a long-defunct Sweet Stout style that was resurrected in the ’80s by Samuel Smith’s Brewery in Yorkshire; they export to the States so if you find one, try it, even if you don’t like Guinness. You might be pleasantly surprised) However, I’m going to replace the usual East Kent Goldings hops with an American variety, Columbus, which are also known as ‘Tomahawk’, hops (for obvious Blackhawks-related reasons). It should turn into a delightfully smooth, not-especially bitter and reasonably strong brew. The recipe is as follows (it’s a Partial-mash recipe, for those who know what that means) I may even get my niece to help, again.




100g Black Patent Malt

200g Roasted Barley

220g Crystal Malt 30L

220g Chocolate Malt

500g Flaked Oats

3kg Pale LME

40g Columbus (Tomahawk) hops

1 vial WLP013 London Ale yeast


Batch will be 20 litres (and I apologise for the Metric, but not really.)


I’m going to brew this tomorrow (which will help with the ‘pacing-around-till-game-time’ jitters) and it should be nicely ready to drink by the time of the Victory parade.  And if anyone feels like popping round to share it with me, feel free. Just keep going North East on 55 for about 3500 miles. You can’t miss my house.  It’s the cream one with red caps on the wall.