And so it ends, 82 games down, 3rd in the Central, 5th in the West, 7th in the league.  1st round opponents as yet uncertain (please oh please oh please be the Blues) Anyway, if you’re expecting a serious breakdown of last night, look elsewhere. Just a few bits and bobs to go through on this Sunday morning:

  • In their five meetings this year the Preds & Hawks have combined for 32 goals. That’s over 6 goals per game.  How very un-Perds.
  • Well done Matt Carey on your first Hawks goal. See you in Rockford next year
  • The Western conference has 6 teams on 100+ points and Minnesota can join that number with a win tonight. The East has three (and Tampa, if they get a point)
  • I really, really want the Blues up next. Let’s get on that while Minnesota try to make Varlamov’s luck run out.
  • Marian Hossa, folks. he rules.

OK, get on with your Sunday. Once the opposition is known, we’ll have plenty for you in the run-in to Game 1.