cartoon by the immensely talented P.M. Sellers, who you can follow at @lexpatriate on Twitter. And you should because there’s more where this came from.


Tonight is the last home game of the Regular Season, it’s against another O6 team and… well.  that’s about all that it’s got going for it. The Hawks are, barring the Avs collapsing, locked into 3rd place in the Central and the Habs are in 2nd place in the Atlantic with two points on  the Lightning. There is nothing to play for tonight which is reflected in Montreal leaving Price, Moen, Prust, Emelin and Markov out of the lineup. The useless Doug Murray is suspended.

While it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing Drinky Price tonight, Peter Budaj is a more-than-capable backup. With nothing at stake, I plan to enjoy watching PK Subban bump his value up some more (I hope his agent drags the Habs back-and-forth over the coals when it comes to negotiating his new deal) and Max Pacioretty continue his outstanding and incredibly under-the-radar season (did you know he’s tied for 3rd in the Rocket Richard category? Me either until recently)

As for the Hawks, Q is mucking about with the lines again. I’m not going to draw any conclusions from the demotion of Regin to the pressbox after he was one of the most effective players for Chicago, lately.  I think that, with dead rubbers like these, Q is just trying stuff. Expect the Line Blender on Plaid tonight.  Brandon Saad draws back in after that pigs-ear of a demotion last week (seriously, why not just say he was being rested?) Johnny Oduya also returns to action which will mean Hjalmarsson moving back to his correct side (not that he struggles playing on the left)  and Sheldon Brookbank joining regin in the Press Box.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that the Blues appear to be doing their level best to blow winning the Division and the Presidents Trophy.  Their 4-1 blowout loss to the Caps last night suddenly leaves them only two points ahead of the Avs. While I don’t really mind who the Hawks play in the 1st Round, I think I would rather Dallas pushed Colorado closer to the regression that is surely coming while the Hawks took apart a dazed and confused Blues. But all that’s just speculation. We’ll know the score soon.

The Hawks have looked much, much better of late and it would be good to see that trend continue for these last three games. Shit is about to get very real: next time we’re listening to Jim Corneilson belting out the anthem will be Game 2 against either the Avs or the Blues.  It;s that time of the year again, folks. can’t wait.


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