Well, tonight was a complete joke from start to finish. The Nashville Predators are a defensively sound team that struggle to score goals (3rd worst in the league) and were at the end of a brutal road trip. Therefore, of course, the Hawks spotted them a two-goal lead that they never looked like relinquishing. Coupled with St Louis winning in Pittsburgh, any hopes of winning the Division are pretty much gone.


Normally there would be bullet points coming. Instead I’m handing over to our occasional guest reporter, Little D.. she’s seven years old and is already not only a better hockey player  but also a better observer of the game than the gang of idiots who run this site. She writes in a wee diary about Hawks games and we’re going to let her summarise this one for us.  D’s take has been faithfully transcribed by her mom.


Blackhawks rule!

I get to write in here again. It’s a tie against the predators and blackhawks 0 to 0 I get to stau up for half of the game. The blackhawks are doing really good. I hope they get a goal. There are seven mins. left in the period. I’m doing hockey. I can’t wait for the first goal. It will be fun. Toews is trying to get goals. He’s doing good. So is crawford. I’m gonna be a goalie. I hope I’ll make it to the NHL. I really need to work on my stick handling. It’s 2 min in the first period and STILL 0 to 0. Never mind the predators got a goal. Now it’s 0 to 1. I hate the predators. Early in the first period, brookbank got into a HUGE fight. His shinpad fell off. I think I’m gonna neeed a next page. It’s almost the second period! I can’t wait! The second period started and everybody crushed Morin.  Poor Morin. The blackhawks are so fightful! there are so many times when they can score and they miss! Sorry hawks, I’m just so mad. There are so many penaltys. I’ve been writing a lot. I think the blackhawks are going to lose.


So there you go. The Teuvo Teravainen Era will start on Tuesday against Dallas.. there is still Home Ice in the 1st Round to play for. Let’s get that done.