Now normally I put in the Fenwick chart and some other analytical thoughts in here when I do the recaps but, yeaaaaah, we really don’t need to bother with that type of stuff tonight. The Blackhawks and their new fangled lines put together by Two Time Stanley Cup Winning Coach Joel Quenneville™ absolutely wrecked shop on West Madison Street tonight. So, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve accumulated some GIFs and videos for after the jump. Bartl’s still on his honeymoon and boxing will return when he’s done enjoying some well deserved R&R in Hawaii.

Go ahead. Look at it. Look at it again. You can thank Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo Sports, the former editor of Big League Stew for that GIF. He’s a native Chicagoan and knows when something like this needs to be appreciated. That 2nd one comes courtesy of SBNation.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…

That Saad goal came in the 2nd period where, well, let’s go to Rust Cohle again for a synopsis of what exactly happened in that 2nd period.

Thank you, Rust. I suppose I should mention at this point that if you’re not watching True Detective on HBO this recap is almost certainly lost on you. For which I apologize, and STRONGLY recommend you fix that right quick. Best show on TV*.

Oh man. I almost forgot. The first goal of the night was scored by newly minted man, Brandon Bollig. I’m as guilty as everyone else that writes for this blog in the giving shit to B52 category but it really was a nice tip in on a shot directed on net by Marcus Kruger. There’s an outside chance Bollig scores 10 goals this year. At which point I will probably eat my hat for charity… or something.

The other point during this game where I basically gave up the trying to predict hockey thing was when 1st liner Andrew Shaw, who scored twice tonight, received a beautiful pass from Sheldon Brookbank after he made a great defensive play. Shaw then went top shelf on Bobrovsky and the Hawks never looked back.

I really think that this game can be wholly summed up by Big Ern McCracken. Because really sports are still just kids’ games that we play/watch to have fun, and this one was fun.

* – non-Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets division