Go n-ithe an cat tusa, agus go n-ithe an diabhail an cat

Well, I’ve finally run out of Minutemen song titles to use in Previews/Recaps..  fitting that this one never made it to future editions of Double Nickels On The Dime (one of the greatest albums ever made), because this game needs to be buried deep where we will never, ever, see or think of it again.



The Hawks thoroughly deserved to lose this game and would have lost by a bigger margin if the Rags weren’t hot dogshit themselves.  This was a bad game of Hockey played betwen a mediocre home team, playing mediocre Hockey, and an excellent visiting team playing terrible Hockey. Derek Brassard scored in the 1st, Rick Nash scored late in the 3rd, Peter Regin stopped the shutout VERY late in the 3rd and that’s all she wrote.  I’m not going to look for deep meaning here.. so let’s move on

  • Peter Regin scored! YaaY! Get him off my Hockey Team now, plz
  • Seriously: Regin was almost completely useless, like the marginal NHL player he is. I never, ever want to see him as 2C on the Hawks again. Even Q appeared to recognise this by dropping him to the 3rd (Doghouse) line.
  • On the subject of the anchors that one of the most talented players in the world is dragging around: Why is Kris Versteeg?
  • Why?
  • On the subject of “Why?”, why is Brandon Fucking Bollig on the Powerplay? No, come on, please? Tell me? Anyone?
  • On a positive note, in the 45.6 seconds of TOI he had, Bryan Bickell was sharp and effective and created two good scoring chances.
  • Keeping it positive, Duncan Keith was immense tonight. That was Norris-Level Keith on display in a losing cause.
  • Back to the negative: everything else was bad. That’s as terrible a game as I’ve seen Parick Kane play for the Hawks and the likes of Toews, Sharp, Hossa and Saad were all mediocre at best.
  • Dominating the 3rd against a team that has shut up shop quite effectively is all well and good: still allowed the back-breaking goal.
  • PP= Dogshit PK=Good
  • Cam Talbot made some good stops and deserved a shutout.. but the Hawks never pushed him that hard. Must Do Better


OK, I’m in a foul mood, clearly. Hopefully this is just a post-layoff fug and the Hawks come roaring out against the Pens in the Novelty Game.. because PHX & CBJ are the next guests at the UC and the time to get set up for the Playoffs draws ever nigher.