Last night was a mess, albeit a thrilling, entertaining one. A clearly fired-up Wings raised their game and the Hawks, well, the Hawks kind of lowered theirs. They met in the middle and there was an almighty bang.  It looked like the Hawks were going to streak away after a couple of early goals but they let the Wings back into the contest when they could and should have killed them off. Johnny Oduya and Brent Seabrook both made separate, serious errors and lapses that led directly to Detroit goals. The Wings even took the lead heading into the 3rd, until Marcus Kruger tied the game with that period’s only goal. Overtime came and went in a frantic blur and, once again, you felt that a tie would have been the appropriate place to leave it.

Instead, the Hawks blew an early advantage in the SO, it went to 824 rounds before Darren Helm scored the winner. There was a time, not long ago, where taking a point out of the Joe would have left Hawks fans satisfied. That time has passed.


  • Marian Hossa was lustily booed by the mouthbreathers all night. He scored a nice goal and his hot streak continues. Patrick Sharp also had a goal, on the PP, no less, They saw the Zetterberg line all night as Babcok repeated his playoff strategy of attempting to nullify Toews. Didn’t work so well, this time
  • On the other hand, the 4th line mostly saw the Tatar, Jurco & Sheahan and they got absolutely hosed, Kruger’s goal notwithstanding. They were all worse thean -40% in Corsi.
  • A night to forget for Seabrook and Oduya. They both struggled to clear the zone and paid for a couple of brain farts under pressure. Mike Kostka needs to be waived. I’ll keep saying this until it happens or we all go insane.
  • The PK was once again 100%, including a double minor against Brandon Saad.  This is heartening, however the PP is looking more and more like last years model, goal notwithstanding. Zone entries were a mess and once again there was too much pissing about with the puck trying to set up the pretty play rather than applying direct pressure to a mostly AHL-level defenseive corps.
  • On that subject, everytime a Brendan Smith fuckup leads to a Hawks goal, a happy little pixie saves a puppy orphanage from certain death. Long may it contin ue.
  • I’m not going to make light of a city’s economic plight, but once again the Joe looked more like Glendale. I’ve seen a few Wings games this year where that was the case, but I figured the Hawks would draw a decent turnout.  Still, Wings fans may want to lay off on the “Bandwagon” jibes for a bit, eh?
  • Doc and Edzo were laying on the Corey Crawford “High Glove Side” schtick again. Tired, lazy non-narrative. Sick of seing it around, so report to disposal, please. That said, letting criminal asshole Todd Bertuzzi score on the SO is a black mark. Bad Crow.

OK, this one is in the books and we’ll not be back to Detroit this year. There’s really not much excuse for failing to knock off a team as beaten up and understrength as Detroit, but there you have it. Up next is the Wild in St Paul, who are having struggles of their own. More later.