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Here we go then: the Hawks head away from the UC for the first (sort of) extended trip away and it’s off to the Sunshine State with Mothers in tow (which should at least spare us the endless golfing anecdotes from Pat & Eddie later on). Not that Florida is the sort of place I’d care to take my own mother.

Rumour has it that the real reason that Joachim Nordstrom was sent back down to Rockford is that the Hawks did not feel that an impressionable young Swede should be exposed to Florida or, at least, not until he’s warmed up with a couple more trips to St Louis.



The natural hazards of the stamping grounds of Florida Man notwithstanding, this should not be too strenous an outuing for the Hawks. While it’s always nice to catch up with old pals like Kris Versteeg and Brian Campbell, the Panthers themselves are, frankly, bad with a capital “Yuck”.

Moving from the godawful South East Division to the slightly-less-awful Atlantic Division has done the Cats no favours as they’re still the runt of the litter regardless.

Rumour has it that Uncle Dale is on the verge of blowing it all up and offloading what passes for veteran assets in Miami for whatever he can get in terms of picks and prospects. Funnily enough, the rise in the Cap that’s anticipated next year and the concurrent inflation of salaries is likely to make even the Legendary Albatross that is Campbell’s contract movable. Almost.

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But this is not to say that the Hawks should treat the Panther with disdain: they’ve shown their claws (oh, felines: so many lazy metaphors & analogies!) by stunning the Pens 6-3 already. Prnicipal threats come from the kids; with Jonathan Huberdeau looking to build on his Calder win last year and #2 Pick Alex Barkov

But they’re pretty poor all the same: currently 27th in the NHL in Goals Scored, averaging 2.11 and 28th (3.56 avg) in Goals Against, they’re rooted solidly to the foot of their Conference, with only the wretched Sabres keeping them off the very bottom. They’ve given up 6 GA or more 33% of the time, so one feels that, if St Louis can put 7 past them, then this could be a good evening for the Hawks far more potent strikeforce.


So, Trap Game, then, we’re all agreed?


The Hawks have not, as of this writing, made any call ups from Rockford to replace Nordstrom so expect to see Smith on the 4th line with Pirri and Bollig. The Captain will likely be flanked by Hossa and Saad and that in and of itself should cause havoc for Florida. Kane & Sharp are likely to be shackled with Handzus even though this is the sort of game where it would make perfect sense to see what Pirri can do on the 2nd line and to give the aging Slovak something of a breather. Not a chance, of course.


Bartl will be on with Boxing afterwards. Let’s go, Hawks.


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