These are never easy to write. It’s one thing losing to a strong St Louis team after a close, hard-fought game. That stings. Losing after a close, hard-fought game where the Blues also got away with behaving like meth heads fighting over the last rat roasting on the garbage fire? That really hurts. But that’s not the worst of it..

Look at that face. That stupid, gurning face. It belongs to one of the single biggest wastes of space in the NHL. And it was on the winning side tonight. Now that is real pain.

Barret Jackman had, by Barret Jackman standards (which are so low they’re subterranean), a great night. It began a mere 1:30 in where he was checked on the end boards by Andrew Shaw, lost his stick and decided that the thing to do was to indulge in some clutch and grab and then face wash Shaw after the play had ended. Because that’s the sort of classy guy that he is.

This was merely the overture to the main act, of course. Later on he decided to provide a visual aid for Pat Foley,who was driunkenly telling us about that adorable little “Goofball”  Maxim Lapierre, by driving Patrick Kane head-first into the boards. He received two minutes for the boarding which must have come as a shock to him as we saw an extended display of  “Wounded innocence with head shaking at the injustice of it all” as he went to the box.

But wait.. there’s more.  In the 3rd Jackman’s partner-in-imbecility, Roman Pola, decided to show the dangers of exposing the half-witted to imitable behaviour by driving Marcus Kruger head-first into the boards. In the resultant scrum, having decided that he wanted no part of a vengeful Seabrook, Jackman instead took some cheap shots at a tied-up Shaw before switching to more pictures of hurt innocence when the linesman was looking. The expression on the dumb asshole’s face when he got sent to the box was priceless.

In among all this “hilarity” there were two rapidly-blown leads from the Hawks: Brandon Pirri got his first NHL goal with a nice finish from a great feed by Hossa and the Man Himself stepped up to fire home on a breakaway with a glorious half-slapper. This was punctuated by a Backes tip off a long shot by Bouwmeester right after Toews took a harsh slashing penalty and the final goal was an unfortunate OG from Duncan Keith, who was not having the best of nights. TJ Oshie scored the only SO attempt and that was it.

Just watching the highlights while writing this has made me want to go and squeeze all the blood out of a wounded kitten so I’d better get to the bullets

  • The Powerplay looks to have regressed. The Blues Kill is poor and they got a lot of chances to practice it when the inevitable march-to-the-box began later in the game, but they couldn;t score. This is unfortunate, because the best answer to St Louis’ shitbaggery is always to punish them on the scoresheet
  • Nice goal from Pirri but his time was curtailed heavily thereafter. I don’t really know what to make of it. Either Q trusts these guys to get it done or he doesn’t. The line blender went into hyperdrive after Kane was hurt and we saw some downright bizzare combinations out there.
  • After the Blues scored their first goal the CSN cameras cut to what appeared to be the only Blues fan in the building . He was wearing a flat-billed cap and was hideously ugly. Of course. I think they might have got him fom a casting agency.
  • Corey Crawford was rock-solid again and once more could do nothing about either goal. I imagine he had some choice words for Duncan Keith after the OG, though.
  • Pat & Edzo were delighted that Ryan Reaves chose not to smash Brandon Bollig into the boards from behind. Guess I know where the Lady Byng is going this year.
  • Nik Hjalmarson continues to have a good year: great long pass (and recovery from the preceding turnover) to spring Hossa for his goal.

When your main emotion after a game is relief that no-one got seriously hurt (hopefully Kane doesn’t wake up dizzy)you know you’ve been playing the Blues.

To hell (or ‘St.Louis’ as it’s also known) with them.  Leafs are up next. Oh good: more punchy assholes.


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