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Time for more fun with numbers and your views on proceedings in sunny Carolina the other night.

Special Teams

We’ll start off on Special Teams, of course..


A moderate approval for the PP. Technically, they went 0-3 on the night. Hossa’s goal, however, was scored seconds after the end of a good spell of pressure. The zone entries are looking much, much better, and they’re going to have to be if the Hawks keep getting destroyed at the dot. Still, this is a lot higher a ranking than we’d have seen last year. Baby steps.





A big lift in approval for the  PK.  They went 0-3 at 4v5 and 0-1 at 3v4, allowing a total of 3 shots. Hjalmarsson and Toews both looked extremely sharp on the kill and they held their nerve during the OT 4v3. The only reason the kill is propping up the league is the combination of small sample size and the anomaly against the Caps. It’ll be back where it should be soon.


The Brain

Joel Quenneville responses Game 3


Q’s approval rate remains reasonably high: 57% place him at a 7 or 8.  The line juggling began in earnest after the Canes tied it. Still, with the PP and PK showing signs of life and the results coming in, there’s not much to grumble about. Yet.


The Top Line

JT Kane BB


The Captain gets a mixed bag with 33% going for a 6, which really says something about his evening where he was pointless, had 2 shots, missed his SO attempt and was 29% at the dot. . He also played 21.38 TOI and saw a lot of Kill time.

Kane had 5 shots, also no points but was his busy and inventive self, sometimes a little too inventive, looking for the extra pass rather than taking a shot. Nice effort at a spinorama, though. Shame about the SO attempt His approval ratings remain high.

Bryan Bickell, on the other hand, may be starting to feel the cold wind of the backlash on his spine. He’s firmly in the midtable (except for that 1 person who gives him a 1) after having a single shot, no points and taking that OT penalty. He found himself moving down the lines at times and I suspect we may see him back on the 3rd sooner rather than later.


Second Line



The Triple H line (Hossa, Handzus and Handsome) gave us both goals and also one of the assists.  48% give the New Dad a perfect 10 and he was worth it, not only opening the scoring by (finally) slotting on a breakaway, but also adding himself into the SO mix with the only tally.

Hossa looks to be getting closer and closer to form, taking a sharp chance to score and seeing 1:39 on the PK where he was a big part of the success. You all clearly agree.

Zus dished a sweet pass to spring Sharpe for his goal and was a 55% on FO. He also saw normal TOI with 11:18 at EV and  a whopping 3:16 (second highest among Forwards) on the PK. His ratings run the gamut but the majority are in the middle, which seems about right.

Bottom 6

Saas MK AS Smith JN Bollig


As for the rest:

Brandon Saad gets lots of love and deserves it, he’s thriving on the 3rd (although may find himself back on the Top line soon) and got a neat assist on Hossa’s goal.

Marcus Kruger is in the middle, with 38% giving him a 6. He was getting shuffled about quite a bit and still seems a little uncertain. Was nails on the Kill, though (3:47)

Andrew Shaw was his horrible little self and your votes show that you, too, love him for it. Great stick lift to set up Hossa.

Middle-of-the-pack for Ben Smith. He’s steady, which is all we really ask from him. Looks like he’s here for the foreseeable.

Rough night for Nordstrom, probably the first time he’s looked like a rookie. Terrible giveaway prior to Hainsey’s goal and he feels the wrath of you lot as a result. All part of the learning curve, kid.

48% give Bollig a 5, which seems about right. 9:14 TOI and 6 hits was his contribution. Also no dumbassery, which is something, I suppose.


Top Pairing


Duncan Keith had another solid showing and this is reflected in his score here. 4 shots, some decent looks on the PP and 25.14 TOI.  Which, for once, wasn’t the highest. Some great play facing a 3-1 situation to break up a pass.

Brent Seabrook certainly looks to have put last year’s woes behind him and he’s getting reasonably high ratings from you folk.  Blocked 5 shots and added a couple of his own. The old couple are rattling along nicely this year.


The Rest Of The D



I’ll admit that I’m surprised that Hjalmarsson didn’t get more highly rated: I , personally, thought he had an excellent game (to go with his season thus far). He was a shot-blocking machine as usual with 7 and made some vital contributions on the PK.

Johnny Oduya had a mixed night and that’s reflected in his score. He drew and took a penalty and looked a little out-of-sorts at times, but  also led in TOI with 26.15

Nick Leddy was a solid 7 and you all think so too..

Poor old Roszival had a night to forget. Two bad penalties to take, struggling to keep up a lot of the time and screening Crawford on the tying goal. A lot of low marks but 29% gave him a 6 which, I think, goes to show that most of you regard this as a blip. He’ll have much better nights.


In Goals



Corey Crawford stopped 32 of 34 and was not at fault on either goal. He was selected as 1st Star of the game and you seem to agree.. 29% with a 10 and another 48% in the 8/9.  Some great work late in the game and during the OT PK got the Hawks to a winning position. He’ll have tougher opposition but did everything that we could ask against the Canes.


Again, thanks to everyone who voted, please make sure to stop by our recap after tonight’s game where you’ll have another chance to give us your opinion anonymously. The more the merrier, so tell your friends, loved ones and cellmates.


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