Season Previews are like Assholes: Sports Blogs are full of them (you sure about this? .ed).

Nailing your colours to the mast as to how teams and players are likely to perform over the coming year is a risky business and leaves one open to the mockery of your peers when, inevitably, the Hockey Gods make sure that all your confident predictions go horribly wrong.

Therefore, we here at Cheer the Anthem have decided to skip this potential public shaming and would much rather that you do it instead: here is a comprehensive preview of all the other 29 teams in the League. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and you’re on the Path to Hockey Guru Status/Hiding Under A Rock .

2013-14 Season Preview for _________________________________________


Well, 2012-13 was a __________ Season for the  ______________ . After a ______________ start they ______________ to finish the season ______________ the Playoffs.  General Manager ______________ ,who’s position can be considered ______________ , made ______________ moves this off-season; Veteran ______________ ______________was ______________ and the Blue Line was ______________ by the ______________ of ______________ ______________ . Their Goaltending remains ______________ with ______________ ______________ once again likely to ______________. Heading into the new term, ______________ will be expected from  ______________ Rookie , ______________ ______________.

As ever, Coaching is a ______________ for the ______________; and Coach ______________ is believed to have ______________ the Locker Room with his philosophy.  The biggest ______________ for the ______________ this year may be the ______________ of Media attention. Hockey writers have been largely ______________ the team and that may ______________ the pressure on them to perform. Their Cap situation is ______________ so bringing in help at the deadline will be ______________ for them.

The biggest ______________ on the ice is ______________ and this may well be where they ______________ this season. If so, they are surely ______________ for the Post-Season.  A player to watch is ______________ ______________, because, as his Season goes then so does the ______________ . If he ______________ ______________  like last year then they are ______________ ______________.

Realignment has been a  ______________ ______________ for this team and their new Conference rivals will be regarding matchups with them with ______________ , anticipating ______________ games filled with ______________ Hockey and three points ______________ won. Night after night their Arena, ______________ ______________ ______________ ,will be ______________ of ______________ fans.

All in all, this looks to be a ______________ year for the ______________ , and with the clock ticking on ______________ ______________, their time to ______________ must be ______________.


But they’re still not as good as the Hawks.