Well, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted anything here, hasn’t it? Now, you may be thinking that that’s because we’re a bunch of lazy gits who can’t be arsed writing about the very tiny amount that is happening in the Hockey World right now.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, we have been slaving away on all the cool new features that we are going to implement on Cheer The Anthem next year. After the Jump there’s a sneak preview of what you can look forward to on your favourite they’re ok i guess I don’t completely hate everything they do Blackhawks site in the coming Season.


Game Recaps through Interpretive Dance!


Vancouver Canucks 1 Chicago Blackhawks  3

The Canucks at the UC last night..


Graphs & Charts!





Goth Poetry After Losses!

(click to enlarge)

Hawks 3 Kings 4 (SO)


made using the Goth Poetry Generator at http://www.deadlounge.com/poetry/index.html

Love Advice With James Belushi.. with a Twist!



We’re reaaallly excited about this one! Each week our special guest Jim Belushi will head a column on Love, Sex and Dating! However, instead of answering reader’s questions, the beloved star of Race the Sun and K9@P.I. will read aloud the advice on all things romantic that you, the public, send for him!

Here’s an example, from reader S. Collins

Dear Jim, I reckon you could do a lot better with the Ladies if you maybe cut out the suggestive puns and dick references. Just a hunch. Also, if you maybe stopped leering like a smug manatee in heat at the sight of anything in high heels.. oh and wore a bag over your head. A bag filled with cockroaches. Incontinent cockroaches. In fact, why don’t you just go and teabag the garbage-disp..” heh well I reckon we can leave it there, eh? Moving on.




We here at Cheer The Anthem know a popular trend when we pick up on it much later! This year it’s all about Old-Skool, what with those adorable 8-bit videos and NHL 94 being added to NHL 14. So we’re going to add some “Back In The Day” to the site. Look out for such well beloved blog memories as unskippable flash intros, autoplaying videos, links to MySpace and Sparkling Kitten .gifs



Everyone loves Sparkling Kittens

Well, I hope that quick look at what lies ahead has made you feel just like we do:  that “It can’t be October soon enough”