Yesterday I posted a vitriolic (and damn funny) roast on the Hawks and the WC from Days of Y’Orr. Today, we’ll balance that with a contribution from one of our friends, Emilie, who is the Managing Editor at Hockey Wilderness; the SBN blog for future Conference III rivals the Minnesota Wild.  She makes some pretty persuasive arguments for why opposition fans should be backing the Hawks.  Take it away, Em

Why you should cheer for the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final


It’s the end of the road hockey fans. After a crazy, insanity laced 4.5 months there are only two teams left fighting it out for the best trophy in all pro-sports. And your team isn’t one of them.

I know how you feel, I am a Wild fan after all. But after being harassed, I mean…lovingly pointed in the right direction, I jumped on the Blackhawks fan wagon.

Alright, that’s not really true. After practically living in Chicago for a year and a half, out of necessity I needed to at least pretend to be cheerful about the Blackhawks. Until this season, people barely realized Minnesota had a team (this may still be true actually) and I wanted to know what “good” hockey looked like.

I’ve managed to learn a lot about the Blackhawks in the last two years and that’s why as a not-quite fan, but not really bandwagon fan either, I’m here to tell you why you need to be cheering for the Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup this season.

Jeremy Jacobs- Everyone in the hockey world can agree that Jeremy Jacobs is an asshole. The guy has helped create two massive work stoppages in the NHL in less than 10 years. Even Bruins fans hate this guy ( As a hockey fan, is there any way to justify cheer for a team whose owner directly caused the worst 4 months of your life?!

Great hockey- The Blackhawks are by far the most entertaining team to watch play. They are fast and quick (they also BEAT Quick, who happens to be considered by most to be the best goalie in the game right now), and good god Patrick Kane is ridiculous on the ice. ( If you notice one Kane’s first goal, Jonathan Toews doesn’t even have his stick on the ice during that play. You know why? Cause Patrick Kane BURIES goals.

Out of the top 10 goal scorers in the playoffs, four of them play for Chicago. No other team has more than 2 players in the top 10. If you want to look at the regular season, since there is a bigger sample size there, Kane and Toews were 5th and 6th in the league for goals scored.

They’ve got it going on when it comes to defense too. There are no weak links in the Blackhawks defense. Three solid pairings with limited liabilities to match their four line threat on forward, it’s a tough combination to beat.

The Bruins style of play sucks- I’m going to have to take another swipe at my former division “rivals” now, but it looks like the Bruins have successfully graduated from the Vancouver Canucks School of Diving and Embellishment.

I’ll leave this Puck Daddy article with its lovely accompaniment of video proof right here for people to click on. (–nhl.html) (Thanks @GerDevine for the heads up on this one)

The Blackhawks saved hockey- Yeah, it sounds stupid. But the Blackhawks got people (Hi ESPN!) talking about hockey again, even if it was just to talk about how hockey is inferior to basketball because of ties or something.

It took 25 games for a team to finally beat the Blackhawks in regulation this season. They ended the season 36-7-5, and 11 points ahead of the next closet team in the Western Conference. The Blackhawks are the best team in NHL this season, for good reason.

WEST IS BEST- This one is specifically for all of my Western Conference brethren. It’s the common ground that holds us all together. The East gets all the attention, all the awards, and all the glory, while the teams in the West are shoved in a closet under the stairs.

We come from a conference that actually knows what defense is. We get stuck with B-squad announcers, crappy game times, and get 5 minutes of coverage for the East Conference’s 25. Why would you join the enemy?!


Thanks to Emilie, who you can follow on Twitter at @eminemilie