This one nearly killed me.

As this game progressed, and the elation of the early lead was slowly replaced with gnawing tension, I got drunker and drunker and shut down all distractions like Twitter. Focus. Concentrate. Will it there.

Then joy as Kane potted what surely must be the winner.. turning to despair when Bickell iced it, Toews lost the draw and the puck clipped off Mike Richards in a crowded crease to tie it up.  1OT passed in a blur of terror, a state that was repeated until.. well, you all saw it.

Patrick Kane, folks. Patrick “Fuck This Sound, I’ma win this mofo” Kane. Nice.


I’ll get to some bullets by-the-by, first a Public Service Announcement on behalf of all rational Blackhawks Fans:

Patrick Kane is a once-in-a-generation player. He’s one of those select group that all Hockey Fans can enjoy, regardless of affiliation, because he can do things on the ice that no-one else can. He won’t always do them, he’s only human and has off days like the rest of us. Sometimes he can’t do them because he’s commanding double coverage (for precisely the reason outlined above)

If I may briefly digress into soccer, George Best didn’t score a hat-trick every time he played. However, players like Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and Brian Kidd scored a shitload of goals because of what Best being on the pitch did to the hearts and minds of opposition defenders. (Yes, I’ve made a link between Patrick Kane and George Best.. but not so much the extra curricular activities, right?)

Every goal of Kane’s Hat-trick was glorious: on the first he displayed amazing patience to wait that extra  second to get himself the angle to score. I’m sure Edzo got a stiffie watching it. The second, he picked his spot with care and absolutely nailed it. The winner.. well, that was a thing of beauty.. seeing Toews and Kane explode up the ice like that and clinically finish it..  wow. (oh and for giggles, watch Voynov continue to slide into the boards, not even trying to stop himself,  in despair)

This is what Kane can do.  This is why he’s at the core of this team and will be for years. So, the next time anyone starts calling him out for being “Lazy” or “Weak” or “Jesus that mullet is hideous” feel free to break a goalie stick over their thick skull (except for the mullet part.. man that thing is Nasty)


  • Welcome back Duncan Keith. While that shot had no business beating Quick, in it went and the Hawks were off to the races. There seemed to be an air of panic about the Kings as Quick and the hapless clowns around him screwed up an icing shortly thereafter to allow Kane to get the party started
  • It didn’t last, as Quick reverted to form and the Kings came out after the break to pretty much dominate the rest of the game. So much for that. Patrick Kane, folks, remember?
  • Bad shortie to give up. The PP is still horrible. Enough of that, for now.
  • The Kings have made hay in this series based on Voynov’s bazooka of a shot from the point. They may want to move him to Forward, though, because as a Defenseman he’s depriving a village somewhere of a perfectly good idiot.
  • On the subject of shots from the point, the Hawks may need to work on that; as there’s this guy who plays for Boston that you might have heard of: if Voynov’s got a bazooka, well, Chara’s got this
  • Anze Kopitar showed up at the death and reminded us of why we dreaded him before this series began. Dustin Brown, not so much. Hey, did you know that there was a low-quality glove puppet called Dustin The Turkey that was inexplicably popular on Irish Children’s TV in the ’90s? He even ran for President. I wish I was making this up.


  • Bryan Bickell notched another two assists, including a sweet steal to help set up Kane’s first. His agent has decided to forego the Maserati that he was going to buy and is now looking at yacht brochures.
  • Corey Crawford is well into Conn Smythe territory now. His feistiness is coming out more and more now, too. These days, rather than smashing sticks off the crossbar, he’s walloping encroaching forwards who annoy him.  He’s gone from Emo-Kid to Slayer-Moshpit. Never change, goalies from Quebec.
  • We’ll have plenty of time to fret about the Bruins. For now, enjoy this. The Kings fought like hell to hang onto their crown but came up way, way short against the best team In Hockey. Credit to them, but they were never in this series. Keep that in mind.
  • Finally, it’s probably only me and the citizens of that little country who care, but the Cup is definitely going back to Slovakia this year and that makes me absurdly happy.

OK. There’ll be plenty more from us before hostilities are resumed on Wednesday. Enjoy the break.  If you’re in Chicago, head along to Galway Bay this arvo, where our good frents at Hockee Night are celebrating five years of Mayhem & Malört by doing their 200th Puckcast live. I’ll be listening, but likely drinking alone in a darkened room. You should go.

Oh, and of course..