So much for that. The confident pick of many Hockey writers & pundits, St. Louis were tipped to win the Central and march out of the West. Apparently they were strong, unified and had totally bought into Ken Hitchcock’s system; which brought them so close to a Presidents’ Trophy last year.  And Jaro Halak and Brian Elliott were going to continue as the hottest goaltending tandem in the League.

Instead, here we are, deja vu time. Rumours of locker room problems, indications that the team has quit on the coach and, oh, yeah: out of the Playoffs again. St Louis’ wait for a cup will have to continue.

I’m not going to write a lengthy eulogy, better writers than me are surely sharpening internet pens (?) to do so. Instead, I’m going to look at things that the Blues can do with all this free time they’ve suddenly got. Through the medium of crappy photoshops, of course.



1) Catch Up On Their Reading


my eyes, my eyes!

2) Get “Creative” In The Kitchen

Still better than toasted ravioli

3) Head Out To Their “Place In The Country”

A Dumpster Away From Dumpster

4) Play Some “Summer Sports”


5) Start Fixing the Minor Flaws in Their Game

Balls 2 Tha Wall, Brian

See you next year, assholes.