(Brian Cassella/Tribune Photo) "Wow, we're really fucking good."

(Brian Cassella/Tribune Photo) “Wow, we’re really fucking good.”

Tonight the Blackhawks arrived at the United Center and competed in a contest they couldn’t have possibily cared less about. Despite the games meaninglessness, they managed to walk away with a 3-1 victory. They finished 18-3-3 at home. They are 18-3-2 on the road. They will have home ice throughout the playoffs. What am I getting at here? YOU SHOULD ENJOY IT. Really, think about it – the Toews/Kane era may be as good as it ever gets. After the sour note we ended last season on, it was goddamn satisfying watching them put everything together to dominate the Western Conference this year. This was the type of season we envisioned this team having once it became clear THE CORE was truly something special. Are they head and shoulders above the rest of the NHL? Absolutely not… but I can’t help but feel that optimism should carry the day here.

Things that happened during this mandatory attendance game:

* Corey Crawford made a few saves that injected life into the pub. It was a solid outing for the horse Joel Quenneville is going to ride in the playoffs.

* I think Patrick Kane wants the Hart Trophy. Joanthan Toews, too.

* Nobody should panic if Handzus ends up taking shifts with Kane and Sharp in the playoffs.

* The Flames need to get past this thing where Steve Begin and Ben Street play meaningful minutes. They have some good young players in Sven Bartschi, Mikael Backlund and T.J. Brodie. It’s not like there isn’t some kind of foundation there. But they had better get their act together quickly – life isn’t going to be easy in a conference with Vancouver, Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Jose.

* The Calgary road uniforms are unnecessarily complicated in the mid-section. These sweaters have no charm whatsoever.

* Akim Aliu.

* Let’s hope things don’t get stupid tomorrow. If it were anyone other than St. Louis, I’d say it wasn’t likely. But that’s just the thing, we all know that you just never know with these fucking guys, right?

* The Cubs and White Sox are both on winning streaks!