Credit: Jasen Vinlove, USA TODAY

Credit: Jasen Vinlove, USA TODAY

Winning the last-ever Central Division title has a nice feel to it, especially when the Blackhawks were able to clinch it by coming back Friday against a Detroit team we all love to loathe. And when dessert is a sweet victory over the talentless apes wearing Blues sweaters, well, that makes for a nice weekend in my book.

But after Corey Crawford turned away 30 shots in Sunday’s 2-0 victory in St. Louis, it got me to thinking a little bit about where the rivalries with these teams will stand once Detroit heads East as realignment takes effect next season.

While the Red Wings have always been hated, there’s still a level of respect that goes into watching guys like Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk - and going further back to the likes of Nicklas Lidstrom, Dominik Hasek and Steve Yzerman – grace the ice with their play. It just so happened they wore a different sweater.

Granted, those sweaters are evil and ugly and make you want to vomit up the three squares of your day, but any one of us ‘Hawks fans would have liked to have any of them wearing the Indian head. Hell, Hasek may have played most of his career in Chicago had it not been for Ed Belfour.

The Blues? Other than Vladimir Tarasenko, there’s not one breathing pile of diarrhea on skates I would take from that team. Even if any of them wanted to play in Chicago for free, I would have them deported back to that hellhole of a city that shouldn’t be allowed to call itself part of America.

Part of me laughs at them, like Marian Hossa did when David Backes attempted to start shit basically right off the opening faceoff, but the fact of the matter is that the Blues are making a mockery of the game with their antics. For instance: Backes taking cheaps shots on Jonathan Toews whenever he got the chance. It’s not physical play; it’s dirty play. There’s a huge difference, one that Barret Jackman couldn’t decipher even if he took the dueling cocks out of his ears long enough to listen to the explanation.

Digressing, these two games secured my thought that seeing St. Louis six times per season as divisional foes compared to the two we’ll see Detroit from here on out will have the Blues supplanting the Red Wings as a more hated rival. That saddens me in a sense simply because I’ve grown up hating Detroit, but that’s been mainly out of jealousy due to its success.

For all the “DE-TROIT SUCKS!” chants I’ve heard over the years, their Stanley Cups and that 2009 Western Conference finals series I’m still bitter about, I still have respect for that team. (Well, other than Todd Bertuzzi, but he barely counts as a human.)

I have a genuine, disgusting, burning, throbbing, deep-in-my-gut hatred for the Blues, their fans and everything that comes from a city that prides itself on toasted ravioli and a giant arch that inside smells like farts and the barf Ryan Reaves snacks on before showering in Jackman’s pee stream.

Maybe I’m alone in this, I don’t know. Maybe the Red Wings still will be the ultimate rival for Blackhawks fans, especially for the old-timers who have more of a deeper dislike for the winged wheel. But from watching these two games, I firmly believe the St. Louis hatred will supplant that of the Red Wings, if not simply for the fact the Blues will have more opportunities to enrage us with their douchebaggary.

I’d tell all the Blues to go drink their own pee out of a cup, but I remembered they don’t have one. Sorry.