(Jim Mone/Associated Press)

(Jim Mone/Associated Press)

So this game was a lot more one-sided than the scoreboard indicated when the final buzzer sounded. The Blackhawks completely dominated a scoreless first period and had the best of the play the final two periods as well. In a perfect world the Marian Hossa goal which was called back would have counted. Whatever, they survived.

The first half of the second frame was rather calm until the Hawks claimed the momentum and the only goal when Marian Hossa blasted a slap shot through the five hole of Niklas Backstrom following a hysterical Clayton Stoner giveaway. Hossa winding up and firing away in the slot is just a joy to watch. We saw it against St. Louis in the shootout last week, we saw him beat the Blackhawks this way in 2008, and we saw it again tonight. Keep it coming, Marian.

The rest of the affair was mostly dominated by Chicago, with the Wild really never getting it together to make that final push. Emery made the saves he had to and the Hawks were able to avoid the 3rd period blues they’ve dealt with the past month or so.

It’s getting late and I have actual real life work to do so lets get right to it, shall we?

* The talk of the town coming into the contest tonight was the decision made by Joel Quenneville to dress Ray Emery for a third straight game. Emery is certainly doing his best to make Quenneville look good; posting 20 saves en route to his second shutout in the last 3 games. I don’t mean to take anything away from Razor, but the defense of the Blackhawks has been nothing short of spectacular in that stretch, allowing Razor to see only 20, 22 and 20 shots in each game, respectively. Be careful here, Q.

* A fantastic first game back for Patrick Sharp. He hit Zach Parise hard and was noticeable all night long in the attacking zone. Oh, and Ryan Suter threw a nasty hit from behind on him late which could have had some nasty consequences. Luckily for the Hawks, reports had Sharp being fine after the dirty hit.

* Mandatory ‘Brandon Saad is awesome’ plug. That diving backcheck in the first period was a thing of beauty. Brandon Saad owns.

* This Michal Handzus with Jonathan Towes and Marian Hossa thing on the power play is at least worth exploring. At the very least, it should serve to placate some in the fanbase who have been calling for a big body out in front since the departure of St. Dustin of Roseau.

* Pat Foley is in love with faceoff percentage of Michel Handzus and so am I.

* Not complaining about Zus taking Shaw’s spot on the 3rd line with Viktor Stalberg and Bryan Bickell, either. SIZE AND SKILLZ MY FRENTS! Although I have to say, I sort of lost track of the lines a few times this evening. I feel like Andrew Shaw played on a line with everyone at some point in the game. The only constant was top unit, which absolutely dominated large portions of this hockey game. A joy to watch.

* Clayton Stoner, moron. What the fuck was he thinking throwing to puck to Hossa in the slot like that? If you’re a Hawks fan, you’d probably like to see Minnesota extend that guy. Man, what an idiot.


If you don’t get what Mike means watch this:

Felt good, didn’t it? Now back to the game in Minnesota:

* 18 straight kills for the Blackhawks. The kill may very well be the biggest difference between this year and last.

*Duncan Keith played only 21 minutes in a 1-0 game. Brent Seabrook only played 17! This is good stuff right here.

*Nick Leddy had a fantastic game in his hometown and hit a post in the 2nd. Just a reminder that Stan Bowman acquired him for Cam Barker and another regular defenseman as well. NEVER FORGET THIS.

* I can’t prove it, but I strongly suspect Mike Rupp is a distant cousin of Ryan Reaves.

* Loving the green Minnesota uniforms. LOVE. THEM. Can we make that a permanent thing? The other one is fucking horrible. In fact, pretty much every other team joining #conferenceIII should change their primary logo as well. They’re all horrible.

* According to Mark Lazerus the magic number is now 3.

* Red Wings on Friday night. Go Hawks