I’ll give it to you straight: the Blackhawks did a whole lot of NUFFIN’ on Tuesday, and with Wednesday being 4th of July, expect a complete black hole of free-agent signings until Thursday at the earliest.

Blackhawks’ rumored free agent target Zach Parise was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Michael Russo while getting off a plane at the airport in the Twin Cities, and Parise indicated that he and his fiancee were going to hammer out a decision face to face. No timetable was given for making that decision, and then he vanished.

The other major free agent that the Blackhawks don’t appear to be involved with, Ryan Suter, announced that he would not be making a decision today.

In other signing news: Olli Jokinen inked a deal in Winnipeg; defensemen Erik Johnson and Bryce Salvador signed new contracts in Colorado and New Jersey (where they played last season); and the “Who? Where?” moment of the day was when Jaromir Jagr announced that he had accepted an offer to play for the Dallas Stars. Won’t that be more than a little strange.

That’s it, that’s all I got.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July, everyone — emphasis on “safe.” After all, if Stan Bowman signs Raymond Sawada to a seven-year deal, how are you going to type your disbelief with your fingers blown off?

See everyone back here on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll have something to write about by then.

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