NOTE: Having trouble with the box score tonight, so no Boxing. It’ll be back after the Edmonton game – hopefully.

(Rich Lam/Getty photo)

Any loss to Vancouver rivals a complete rectal examination, though I came away somewhat pleased overall after the ‘Hawks fell 3-2 in overtime Tuesday.

Basically, I saw plenty more good than bad out there, which is all you can ask for after a week off, thrusting a new player into a big role and beginning a nine-game road trip.

♦   Seeing Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp on the ice was a positive, though Sharp wasn’t himself and Toews ended up missing a few shifts in the first period. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of them took off Thursday’s game in Edmonton.

With that said, Toews’ unbelievably stellar move in the OT nearly won the game if it weren’t for Cory Schneider playing to puck so well. The hand/wrist/whatever didn’t seem to bother him there.

♦  #ShawFacts – The love and affection for Andrew Shaw has worn off, and now we’re simply expecting him to be an NHL contributor if he’s going to play with the big club.

♦   Viktor Stalberg was a major reason the ‘Hawks were in the game at the end and had a chance to win. He’s so up-and-down so it’s hard to praise him to the fullest, yet he was so aggressive tonight that I can’t deny how well he played. Yes, the refs blew the slash call. However, the ‘Hawks “didn’t take a penalty all night” – and those are in quotes because you can’t tell me there weren’t some no-calls that benefited the ‘Hawks, including a hit by Brent Seabrook that could’ve gone for boarding from another crew.

♦  With how well Schneider played tonight, I actually would’ve rather had Roberto Luongo in goal.

♦  Though I’d like to give all the credit to Schneider for the save on Brendan Morrison simply because it makes me feel better, Morrison had more than half the net. Now, Morrison’s hustle and effort were what gave Schneider the chance to make the save. In my opinion, Morrison played as good as could’ve been expected for being acquired a day before the All-Star game. Hopefully we get more of that, along with more continuity with Sharp and Marian Hossa.

♦  I’d like to personally thank Coach Q or dressing John Scott. What an awesome coaching move to put a uniform on a guy who took as many shifts in the third period as I did.

♦  Seabrook and Duncan Keith – who played an awesome game overall – could easily be blamed for Daniel Sedin’s winner on a feed from his lover… um, excuse me … brother, Dave Bolland got caught watching the puck more than Seabs and Keith. D. Sedin slid right in front of Bolland and up the ass of Corey Crawford, who had no chance.

With two stars at less than 100 percent and having the newest member of the team playing a significant role – which probably shouldn’t happened, but it did – I’ll gladly take a point to start this hell of a road trip. Overall, the ‘Hawks outplayed the Canucks for most of the game, and it turned out Schneider was ready for his start. Not much can be done about that.

Well, OK, getting fucking demolished 42-20 at the faceoff dot is pretty goddamn awful.

With that said, it seems like two points are a must Thursday in Edmonton.