This was too easy ( Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune)

So Bartl was supposed to be around with your Boxing – but he has gone MIA. Sombody should probably look into that.

But we have bigger fish to fry! We’re going to forego a traditional recap as the game was yesterday and you’ve probably already read recaps  here and here. Just a couple of real quick thoughts on the game and some other things:

Andrew Shaw is all the rage right now (justified), but Jimmy Hayes continues to impress. His goal last night was nice – but the pass he made to set up the Bolland goal was breathtaking. Only one complaint Jimbo- please don’t fight after taking a (relatively) clean hit in the future. Hockey needs less of that. Still, Patrick Kaleta is a piece of shit and it would have been a joy to watch Hayes kick his ass.

♦ There isn’t much to say about Shaw that hasn’t already been said – but goddamn we could have used guys like him and Hayes  at certain points last season. Man, last year sucked.

Marian Hossa’s breakaway goal last night was hilarious. How do goaltenders still not know that Hossa and Jonathan Toews are always looking to go 5-hole first? This is almost as dumbfounding to me as teams last season that seemed to be miffed when Patrick Sharp dropped down for the backdoor pass on power-plays.

Corey Crawford certainly didn’t get a lot of work last night . But wins like this can’t be bad for his confidence – which he needs going forward. Word has it that Ray Emery will play tomorrow, so you can expect to see Craw in net on Saturday night against the Nashville Predators.

♦ Does anybody seriously believe that Patrick Kane won’t eventually come around? Speaking of Kane, he was visibly annoyed answering all the questions about his love of the Buffalo Sabres growing up yesturday. I don’t blame him – it annoyed me too.

♦ It is pretty funny to watch Sean O’Donnell try to get involved in the offensive zone. The old man has picked up his play lately and would be a good #7 D-man for this club in the postseason.

♦ Lots of old friends coming into town tomorrow with the Panthers. Brian Campbell (tears up), Kris Versteeg, Tomas Kopecky, John Madden, Jack Skille and Dale Tallon will all be in the building (well I don’t know for sure Tallon will be, but whatever). Anybody who boos Brian Campbell should be beaten by United Center security and banned from the building for life. We aren’t San Jose Sharks fans.

♦ I’ll be in Nashville for the game on Saturday night. If you’re also making the trip, find the tallish guy in a red Marian Hossa jersey in Section 204 and buy him a beer….he is poor. By the way, if you’re going down Saturday and you own a Hossa jersey, wear it. They  hate him down there – Game 5 (where he probably should have been throw out of the game) and all.

♦Sorry about the short piece and the bullets. I’ve got a flight to catch and we wanted to at least get you something today. Also, pray for Bartl.