Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

I know that was my reaction, and based on his reputation and the proliferation of fight videos on YouTube, I expect a lot of you said pretty much the same thing.

Daniel Carcillo is now a Chicago Blackhawk. That’s going to take some getting used to.

There’s some history here, since Philly and Chicago faced each other in the Stanley Cup finals in 2009-10. But Carcillo wasn’t a big factor in that series, and in fact his shining moment was flattening teammate Jeff Carter in a mid-ice collision while attempting to check Tomas Kopecky. Adam Burish didn’t miss a beat, chirping, “That was the best hit you’ve had all season!”

Carcillo was a healthy scratch the rest of the series.

His stats with the Flyers the last 3 years combined: 16 goals, 16 assists, 407 penalty minutes. This guy’s only talent is fighting. That’s all he does. What in the holy name of Charlie Gardiner is a team built around speed and puck possession doing with a second goon?

And apparently the bad news doesn’t stop there. In a feature article at the start of last season, Bleacher Report’s Thomas Krulikowski authored a scathing analysis of Carcillo’s tendencies of late, arguing that his antics had gone from antagonism and fisticuffs to diving and taking stupid penalties.

The most recent run-in between Carcillo and the Blackhawks was in January of this year, when he and Jake Dowell got into a scrap. Carcillo got the better of the exchange, but ended up bleeding his way to the locker room for repairs as a result of the one solid shot that Dowell landed.

This is a one-year contract, so we aren’t stuck with this guy for long. But I’m going to say what very few in the media are allowed to say: signing this guy was a mistake, it will come back to bite us, and at the worst possible time. Hopefully this will be the end of Rocky Wirtz and John McDonough giving Stan Bowman carte blanche during the free agent signing period.