The three of us want to say thanks for joining us on our new little project. We’ve split from the Fansided Network, and that meant saying goodbye to BlackhawkUp. If you’re still inclined to visit, don’t worry: Frank is a Blackhawks fan from WAAAAAYYYYYY back, he’ll be good to you. Just don’t feed him scraps or he’ll puke on the carpet.

We’re just getting started with things here, so please pardon our dust and the empty pizza boxes. As the off-season progresses we will be adding more features, and of course you’ll get all of the Blackhawks news and commentary you’ve come to expect. And it all starts right away: the free agent signing period starts Friday, and we’re all cranked up and ready!

One quick thing that we’re very excited about: our ENTIRE archive of old pieces from BlackhawkUp is loaded and available! Look back to when Tim called the Sedins the “Tampon Twins” and pissed off the entire province of British Columbia; check out Bartl’s Boxing from when we made Bobby Lu cry like a girl; check out Spinner’s playoff edition of “The Daily Espo”; it’s all there!

So once again, thanks for joining us, be sure to follow us on Twitter and “Like”us on Facebook, and we hope you’ll be back soon!

– Jeff, Tim and Brandon

P.S. — Yes, “Bartl’s Boxing” will be making its triumphant return in September. WOO-HOO!